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Bettina Arndt adds her voice to calls for Bill Shorten rape allegations to be properly scrutinised

Kathy Sherriff on the significance of the Pell conviction and her timing in going public

As you'll see over the coming days and weeks, the timing of Kathy's decision to call for the police to re-open the Shorten rape investigation wasn't politically motivated.

Whatever happens in the election won't affect Kathy's next steps.

It was Kathy's time to go public, she felt she needed to do it on that day and she did it - for herself and other victims.

No political campaign operative would have suggested dropping something like that two days before an election.  And even though there are some pretty rotten people in politics, it'd be a reprehensible and easily discovered act to try to manipulate a victim of childhood sexual abuse like that.

Last night Kathy posted a thank-you to all those who understand what she's doing and why.


It's jaw-dropping that the #MeToo and Labor people treat Kathy so badly.  Not a word of support from them, presumably because of the alleged perpetrator's status.  That runs so counter to all the "We Believe You" rhetoric as to make you wonder if the Tracey Spicers etc are fair dinkum about anything.

And we have a lovely personal thank you (shared with Ben Fordham) - along with some more from Kathy about the importance of the Pell conviction, her timing in going public and an explanation of her abject disinterest in politics!