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Letter to attorney general Christian Porter on WA Police failure to solve The AWU Scandal

I have tonight sent this letter to Christian Porter, the Liberal candidate for Pearce.

Regardless of where you live or what electorate you're in - you might care to send a similar letter to your candidate, particularly if your candidate is a Liberal!

I've included the text of my letter at the foot of this post - please feel free to cut and paste!

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I write to you as the Candidate for the Federal Division of          .


The last federal double dissolution election was called because of the urgent need for new laws to protect the community from corrupt trade unions.


Since that election the Australia Government has enacted new legislation to protect our economy from corrupt and racketeering influenced trade unions.


Ralph Edwin BLEWITT is a former Western Australian trade union official.  He held the most senior position in the Australian Workers’ Union in Western Australia.  And he was corrupt.


BLEWITT admits that in the mid-1990s, he was a participant in a corrupt, criminal enterprise in which Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd paid more than $1M (today’s value) in secret commission payments to a secret “slush fund” established by Julia GILLARD and former AWU official Bruce Morton WILSON.


BLEWITT is now well into his seventies and he wants to come clean and pay his debt to society.


He has all but begged WA Police to arrest and charge him with the criminal offences arising from his conduct in the GILLARD/WILSON/Thiess secret commissions conspiracy.  WA Police have refused to so much as take a statement from him.


Mr BLEWITT has the support of the now retired WA Police detective who initially investigated this matter, former detective sergeant Dave McAlpine.  


How can a just society tolerate hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars being paid - in secret - to a slush fund for the personal benefit of a union official and his then mistress, Ms GILLARD?


Given the emergence of fresh evidence and substantially changed circumstances after the closure of the Trade Union Royal Commission, if re-elected, will you cause a further judicial enquiry to investigate these fresh allegations from Mr BLEWITT and former Detective Sergeant McAlpine?


Yours sincerely,



We're at least "in the system"!

But we need more.

We need you.

Get passionate, get active and let your federal member know that you demand action!

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