Joint statement from Peter Faris QC and alleged Bill Shorten rape victim
Complainant hands new evidence in the Shorten rape allegation to Victoria Police

Media reporter Peter Ford on the Shorten rape allegation

I think Peter makes a very good point.

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The former head of the National Crime Authority Peter Faris QC has assessed evidence - he says in part:

This is a serious complaint of rape and Kathy is entitled to her day in court as is Shorten.

This case is similar in circumstances to the Pell case where the victim was the only eye-witness.

As we know in that case a conviction was obtained on that evidence.

Kathy is entitled to be heard in a criminal trial and to have a jury decide guilt or innocence.

Peter Faris QC


I think the mainstream media has an obligation to report on this, particularly given Mr Faris QC's opinion.