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Lol, "friends in the wrong places".

Sounds painful.


You know why they call him ZIMMER-MAN?
Because he's a political cripple after his TURNBULL-ITES FAILED at the election.

ZIMMERMAN framed himself walking to abyss.


I cant imagine two people further apart on the strength of character spectrum.

Up The Workers!

That Zimmerman is an unfaithful partner.

He started off the evening dancing with Bonking Billy Short-One but then two-timed with the Marrickville Brothel-Hopper, AnAl.


seeker of truth

It looks like Trent is into toy boys when you look at the age difference between himself and his partner, Carlos Toledo. No wonder he has it in for a real man's man in Jim Molan.


What a grub.....time to get him out of the LNP!!


Looks like a second wave of cleaning out the LNP needs to happen.
I hope Jim Molan gets in.

Michelle Two

The last message I drew for Jim was "Don't Stop" in any of your life pursuits stand up for what you believe and come from the heart. Love and light xx

There is nothing more than a globalist/marxist hates then a hit to the hip pocket through the laws..


Seriously? Why, he seems to be a very happy chappy!

Just Thinkin'

obviously one of chairman mals friends...

Time he got exited from the liberal party
along with chairman mal....and all the ones
that jumped ship BEFORE the election....



Outside of politics, good old Trent has never had a real job or had to be a leader. The heaviest thing he's had to lift in his working life is a pen.

Michelle Two

Do you know what is on the Globalists agenda now?
Smoking and the Qld nanny state is now banning lighting up in public spaces like parks and gardens..

But there is more Ziggy Forest and his foundation are activists for changing the laws so you have to be 21 to smoke that would include buying them..

It was the topic of discussion on the media today both TV and radio.
I seen the Ziggy post on FB.. the comments under it were to get out of our lives..

The world has gone mad because at the same time other activists from the same source want to legalise drugs and even bring in testing them to make them!!


I wouldn't let him get that close to me.

Liz of Vic


I said a few days ago that they should roll up the Liberal Party, that is what they should be doing.

Photios should be going, which obviously he has not done and has no intention to, the party belongs to Turnbull, he bought it a few years ago.

We need Jim Molan in The Senate, that is much more important, but I am afraid
the brother in law of Turnbull - James Brown or Lucy's brother Michael Hughes are going to get in.

Photios and especially his wife are the poison in the party now.

I hope I am wrong, but we will see!


Totally agree with that.......sooner the better too!!


Him or them or any of!!!
Neither would I as some of the language would be unprintable.


Is he capable of writing or just a show.

Wayne Shaft

Can We Please Hear 👂 Fran I’m An Activist Kelly 🎤 Singing On The Inside One ☝️ More Time Michael .😃😀😄 How Smugg They Got Towards The End .😂🤣😂☺️😂😂

Julie of Geelong

I can’t believe someone like Kristina Keneally (ex Yank) gets into the Senate and a quality person like Jim Molan (real Aussie) can’t!!!!

Where’s the justice?


Zimmerman. Must be important because Google spellcheck give you the correct spelling. A Chosen-One of course.


Yeah, but if he was a power-bottom, like Albo??

You'd think about know you would.


Where's the justice? It's in the hands of the left, you stupid woman!


Her question was rhetorical. Settle down.


It is a matter of scruples.

P.S I posted a comment earlier in reply to this topic, but the use of the word 'scruples' was deemed not acceptable. See how it goes this time.


Trent Zimmerman the loser, appears to have never worked in the real world. Jim Molan has served Australia internationally and is one of the best qualified not only as a Senator but for any other senior Govt office.

Trent's miserable employment record, as listed in Wiki -

"...After working in the Parliament of New South Wales, Zimmerman became a ministerial adviser in the federal government of John Howard in the environment and heritage portfolio and later as an adviser to then Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey."

"He was President of the Young Liberal Movement of NSW from 1992 to 1993.[9] Zimmerman was a councillor on North Sydney Council for two terms until the local government elections of 2012.[10] During his time as a councillor, Zimmerman lived openly as a gay man and worked actively on LGBTI issues, describing the de-funding of the NorthAIDS program as "unforgivable".[10] He also served as Vice President of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association.[10]"

"In 2012, Zimmerman was anointed as the Liberal left's candidate for the seat held by Jillian Skinner; but Skinner decided to stay on in parliament, deferring Zimmerman's political ambitions.[11].."

Jim Molan should be defended by the NSW Liberal Party President, Phillip Ruddock who should tell Photios & Trent Zimmerman to pull their heads in.


Which one is the wife?


Don’t be offended. I think Mycroft was doing his Rene from ‘Allo ‘Allo impersonation.


As an ex-serviceman, I was very disappointed in Jim Molan when he did not take Adam Brandt in court after Brandt accused him (and by clear inference, everyone in uniform), of being a war criminal. I sincerely hope he does not make the same mistake again. He should follow the dictum of a Admiral Jacky Fisher over this and give Zimmerman absolutely no quarter until he has utterly destroyed the man politically - and if that involves destroying him financially, so be it.


If any of the Turnbull family get back in the Liberal Party when they should have been expelled for their antics of late, they will lose all the voters who deserted them under Turnbull. Ponder that Mr. Morrison.


Not even for a second, PB.

No bloody way.

RON O'Lakes

HOLEy Toledo !!

Tony H

Zimmerman is a Turd acolyte and a product of the Photios cartel that manipulates the NSW Libs, including Morrison. Part of the factions that don’t exist according to the Turd.


Yes, chairman mal's friend, whose sole agenda was the same sex marriage laws introduced during chairman mal's term in Canberra.

So far as Trent Zimmerman is concerned - his personal mission as a homosexual is accomplished with a bonus of a taxpayer-funded salary of over $200,000 plus per year. Now that is a free ride if ever there was one AND chairman mal got his lifetime wish to become the PM of Australia. Killing 2 birds with one stone. Penny Wong couldn't be happier.

Julia Gillard is also happy - Vic Labor's Daniel Andrews & Co have seen to it that Cardinal Pell is imprisoned for an accusation of an incident dating back 30-40years ago, thanks to the ABC 4-Corners journalist, Louise Milligan, who interviewed the alleged accuser & wrote a book about it - prior to the trial in Melbourne County Court & gave evidence in the court hearing. Of course, none of the jury knew or read any of the media reports & ABC reports about the book prior to the trial.

Fair trial? Miscarriage of justice? Innocent until proven guilty? BeyondBlue????


What bills has Zimmerman put forward to improve the standard of living for ALL Australians? Or did it start and end with homosexual 'marriage'? I would take 1 Molan over a thousand pathetic Zimmermans.

Wayne Shaft

What Is His Real Name .🧛🏾‍♀️


A golden, but fading reference. A Show that would never be made in this sad, stifling era we are being dragged through.

Wayne Shaft

Wasn’t Bob Dylan A Zimmerman .😎


Does anyone know how many Number 1 votes does Jim Molan need to be elected a Senator - is it 150,000 or more like 600,000+ votes below the line?

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