As the man said after NZ Thought Police visited, "My God! What is New Zealand coming to?"
"Chaos on Australian Roads" - traffic jams in 1965, more migration anyone?

Professor Flim Flam moves to multi-million $$$ mansion in seaside Manly

Scared stiff about rising sea levels......

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The chief architect of Zali Steggall’s climate strategy helped her draft a policy document that calls for the return of a national climate change authority, similar to the body he once led.

Former climate commissioner Tim Flannery has moved into a multimillion-dollar mansion in Manly and stands accused of waging a “vendetta” campaign against Tony Abbott, the man who canned his old department in 2013.

The policy document of Ms Steggall, who is running as an independent candidate against Mr Abbott in Warringah, also calls for the new climate change body to be given special powers to protect it from ever being axed again.

Mr Flannery lost his $180,000-a-year gig at the Climate Commission when Mr Abbott — then PM — axed the Climate Commission in 2013, but he never fell on hard times. Over the years he secured a raft of climate-related positions at universities and recently scored a 12-month contract at the Australian Museum.

Mr Flannery this year moved into a property in Warringah which last sold for $3.4 million in 2009 and rents for $1950 a week.

Ms Steggall said he had offered advice for her policy document saying he was an “internationally acclaimed expert in the field”. “The Coalition’s lack of climate change action and policy is a major concern,” she said.

Sources close to Mr Abbott’s campaign said Mr Flannery had a “vendetta” against the former PM. Mr Flannery did not respond to requests for comment.