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Scott Morrison's win is great news for Israel - the one in the Middle East

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President Trump was one of the first world leaders to call the Australian leader to congratulate him. So was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is himself no stranger to successful elections after conventional wisdom or mainstream media counted him out.

Morrison is considered a pro-Israel leader and under his leadership Australia has had Israel’s back in the United Nations.

In October, Canberra joined the U.S. and Israel as the only ones to vote against the Palestinian Authority chairing the Group of 77, the biggest bloc of nations in the UN.

And in November, it voted “no” on six anti-Israel resolutions put forward at the General Assembly.

Most recently, in March, Australia voted against a U.N. Human Rights Council report accusing Israel of crimes against humanity in its defense against attacks from Gaza.

Morrison had made noises about following Trump’s lead in moving Australia’s Embassy to Jerusalem, but then only recognized the western part of Jerusalem in December last year.

In March, Canberra opened a Trade and Defense Office in the western part of Israel’s capital, but a spokesperson stated that it had no formal diplomatic status, and there was no official ceremony to inaugurate it.

In contrast, Labor’s Shorten declared that he would seek to cancel the recognition of even west Jerusalem.