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SETKA exposes Andrews Labor CFMMEU ACTU rank hypocrisy & meaningless words on violence

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The Victorian opposition has accused Premier Daniel Andrews of calling out violence against women only when it suits him, after he repeatedly refused to condemn CFMEU state secretary John Setka, who last week indicated he would plead guilty to harassing a woman.

Mr Andrews claimed he could not comment on Mr Setka’s case as it remains before the courts, before referring to the alleged murder on the weekend of homeless Melbourne woman Courtney Herron — whose accused killer’s case is also before the courts — to highlight his government’s “second to none” record in changing attitudes towards women.

Opposition spokeswoman for women Emma Kealy said Mr Andrews’ claim that “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept … seems to apply to everyone but him and his union mates”.

“Daniel Andrews is picking and choosing when to call out violence against women — he’s either calling it out or he isn’t,” Ms Kealy said.

A charge of recklessly causing serious injury was among 30 against Mr Setka that were withdrawn last week, as he indicated he would plead guilty to one count of using a carriage service to harass over an incident allegedly earlier this year. The Australian has chosen not to name the woman.

Asked if he had called on Mr Setka to stand down from his CFMEU role, the Premier said he had not spoken with him.

“He has got a court matter that is afoot, and you know, we had a few games being played in the parliament yesterday where our opponents were talking about calling things out,” he told ABC radio. “It is not my practice, nor will it ever be, to cut across active matters that are in court.”

He made reference to Ms Herron’s alleged murder, for which homeless man Henry Hammond is facing charges, arguing his government’s record on family violence prevention and changing attitudes towards violence against women is “second to none”.

Mr Setka returned to work at the CFMEU last week. Both the CFMEU and the ACTU have so far refused to comment.


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Dixon Cruickshank

Andrews is a
worthless bastad - seems like a pretty lenient plea deal too WTF


How on earth do the Victorian people get into that judicial cave and chuck out the indoctrinated, radicalised Socialist Marxist that behave above the law.

Liz of Vic


It is amazing to see how so obviously he is going to protect Setka, of course
the CFMMEU paid enormous sums to keep Daniels in office, well we will be paying for it dearly.

It is already shocking how they dropped that many charges, some were not pretty, I understood the woman is his wife, she must have re-thought the matter and think she is on a good thing, money is no object for that Union they are being fined all the time, next thing they do the same again, just pay the fines, which are enormous.

One would think that he will have to let Setka go, but I doubt it very much!

There is also more trouble ahead for the Fire-fighters, they are presenting the same bill as last time, they reckon they have a mandate! They may have but I hope they do not get it through!

Some of the Ministers in his cabinet now, are completely clueless, a Ms Pulford,
she is either transport or roads, she does not have an inkling, pitiful and we pay these people!

Good thing you picked it up Michael, thank you!


Well, Andrews is hardly likely to expose his boss.

Julie of Geelong

Andrews is a fraud!!

Tit for Tat

It's not what you know it's who you know.
Political interference in who is charged is now the norm in the Andrews ALP Victorian government.

Take the case of the AWU secret commissions involving Julia Gillard Bruce Wilson and Theiss executives where Ralph Blewitt was arrested and charged by the Victorian Fraud squad but the case was never allowed to proceed to court.

We know from evidence produced that John Cain Jnr whilst working for Maurice Blackburn Solicitors in 1995 played an active role in covering up the criminal activity of Julia Gillard Bruce Wilson Ralph Blewitt and others.
John Cain Jnr attended the Commonwealth Bank and signed off on the transfer of funds stolen by Bruce Wilson back to the employers.

John Cain Jnr is now the solicitor for the DPP in the Andrews ALP labour government being fully aware of the part he played in helping Julia Gillard Bruce Wilson and others cover up the AWU secret commission crime.

John Cain Jnr is Not going to recommend the charges laid against Ralph Blewitt by the Victorian police fraud proceed to court because to do so would uncover the part he played.

Now we move to the more resent case where the former ALP opposition leader Bill Shorten was questioned about an alleged rape of a minor and was not charged.
Was there political interference by John Cain Jnr as solicitor for the DPP would he have made recommendations to the Victorian police not to charge Bill Shorten, Where favors and markers called debts repaid.

Was there political interference in Western Australia where Ralph Blewitt was arrested and charged only to have the case dropped some fourteen months later because the WA police either deliberately laid the wrong charge or where they instructed by their political masters not to lay the correct charge to avoid giving Ralph Blewitt his day in court and thus exposing the part played by Julia Gillard Bruce Wilson and others, including the role played by the solicitor for the Andrews ALP Victorian government DPP John Cain Jnr.

Corruption Central doe's not stop at ALP HQ in Sussex St Sydney it is rife throughout the Australian Labor party both in State and Federal branches of the party.
Remember "Whatever it takes" is their motto.

Political speedbump

Crime still pays handsomely for the well connected thugs of this country, more than ably assisted by our government sanctioned 2 tier justice system, profiteered by our 80% bent lawyer brigade with all charges and crimes (no matter how serious) massively diluted down by their hand picked lazy DPP's all orchestrated to benefit the well connected and cashed up crook .

Thanks Dyson , the criminals very own Santa whose corrupted TURC Blind Eyed legacy just keeps on giving to those on the wrong side of the law, and nay a single ethical Judge in the land who has the Nads to lift a damn finger .

seeker of truth

Courtney Herron did not die in your typical domestic act of violence against a woman.

Courtney Herron died because she was a drug addict, homeless and with a mental illness. The alleged perpetrator of her murder was also a drug addict, homeless and with a mental illness.

I think Andrews should concentrate on these core issues that affect life in Melbourne (and probably Victorian regional towns) now and have done so for the past few years.

Maybe he should be working out a policy with Gillard of Beyond Blue on mental illness. Her organisation supposedly has all the answers and gets the bulk of the funding from governments.

Maybe he should be working out a policy with Father Bob and the Brotherhood of St Lawrence on homelessness as they are at the shop front. They know that government subsidised accommodation is a big step to solving this problem.

And most importantly, maybe he should let his hamstrung Police Service do their job properly and arrest these drug addicts and their suppliers. For these desperate addicts, a stint in rehab should be mandatory and at the same time their mental illnesses and health issues can be addressed. If they are mentally ill and drug addicted. there is no way that these young people can hold down a job and rent accommodation.

It is time for Andrews to make the hard decisions and gives these problems priority, and maybe, just maybe, violence against women will decrease as a consequence. It is the broken windows theory.

A Western Australian GP (Dr Andrew Davies) seems to have a solution for these problems In Perth he runs Homeless Healthcare with its Street Health -

“When you ask someone why they are homeless, they usually give you a financial reason,” Dr Davies tells the MJA. “But if you delve into that financial problem you often find that it’s a health problem that caused them to lose their job.

“Once they’ve lost their job, they get bored at home, so they start drinking, their partner kicks them out, and so they then start going through the couch-surfing phase where they stay with different friends until they [wear] all of their friends out, and eventually they’ve got no one socially to turn to and they end up on the street.

“Once they’re on the street it gets much worse – mental health deteriorates, and so does the physical health and to cope people use substances. We call it tri-morbidity.”......

“If someone is too sick for the streets, but not sick enough to go into hospital, a medical recovery centre is a place they can go to recuperate,” he says.

“But it’s not just medical. There are case workers who work with the client to try and get them rehoused before they’re discharged from the recovery centre.

“It’s really about stabilising the whole person to try and break that cycle of recurrent presentations to hospital.”....

The CFMMEU with its many millions in its coffers could be a donor to such program.

By the way, in this week's Victorian budget, Daniel Andrews is to give mental health an extra $170million. He is pre-empting the outcome of the Royal Commission into Mental Illness which commences shortly.


Setka reminds me of Rohm in 1930 Germany. Stinking Egotistical Tosspot Kraphead Areshole, that's what he is
In any case that andrews prick and him deserve each other -- CORRUPT VICTORIA


Trade Unions have a very small membership, yet their bosses still control pre-selections in the Labor Party.

So, the Labor Party is owned by Trade Union thugs who call the shots over their Labor Party Parliamentary representatives.

Labor the "Progressive Party."

Michelle Two

Channel Nine seem to be getting up everyone's noses lately.. they have it in for Dr Teo..lets hope none of them have to go see him for brain surgery anytime soon ..
Brain surgeon Charlie Teo has told a television host to get her facts straight after he was questioned about the practice of accepting six-figure sums raised for cancer patients through crowd-funding to pay for his services.

Appearing on Nine’s Today this morning, Dr Teo defended his fees when quizzed by host Georgie Gardner to perform life-saving surgery.

Dr Teo’s comments came after prominent Sydney urolo­gi­cal surgeon Henry Woo used Twitter to question the “really disturbing trend” of people launching online fundraising campaigns to be treated by Dr Teo at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital.

Some campaigns have raised more than $120,000 in the hope Dr Teo can extend or save someone’s life.


What's going on that all these people who are in a position to deal with this knucklehead are silent?

The Australian Union Party and their tin ear to the rank and files voices, no wonder no-one wanted Albo's job. If Setka was a CEO his position would have been declared untenable some time ago.

Liz of Vic


I just heard this evening, that the AWU are absolutely furious with Daniel, as in the contract for the tunnel under the Yarra, it states that 92% of the steel supplied must be Australian made.

However all the steel which has come in is from China!

Of course Daniel may get a nice cut out of that, never mind, I presume we like the tunnel to remain there and not slip away because of crummy steel?

Anyway I presume he will get away with it, as he got away with everything else so far! Although maybe with the Union?????


Andrews government ducking for cover again , is has come to light that Andrews Said that Australian steel would be used on projects , only to find out today that 33,000 tons of steel to be ordered for the tunnel project and that is just the beginning , wonder what guarantees Andrews gave the Belt and Road meetings he had in China with family in tow , The only Union that has not gone ballistic over this is his Mates the CFMEU

Up The Workers!

That is an interesting exercise in anatomy, the Labor(sic) Party.

Setka is the Party's brass knuckles and steel-capped boot.

Its Leader is An-Al, and its brains are Richard the III and Sarah Halfwit-Bung of the Unflushable Brown Movement.

Up The Workers!


The Labor Party bought a policy from the Watermelons for that.

If they had won the recent Federal Election, they proposed to steal the retirement funds of the elderly, pensioners, self-funded retirees and also jack up property rents through their criminally vandalistic tinkering with a load of things they just don't understand.

Multi-Millionaire Bull Shitten, full of hubris at his Party's callous, thieving policies and fully expecting to win, merely said to those potentially affected: "If you don't like our policies, go vote for somebody else."

A.L.P. - Always Looting Pensioners!

Up The Workers!

Spot on!

The quadocular Dodgy Dan may comprehensively trump Setka in the eye-number and ear-size stakes, but Setka's toes are 10 times bigger than Dodgy Dans - AND they're encased in steel-capped boots!

(And Setka owns a T-shirt which proudly proclaims that the C.F.M.M.E.U. is against what he has just pleaded guilty to.)


Sat next to a CFMEU lunch one day, the conversation was to say the least enlightening. They really think they are the masters of the universe.

Andrews is highly selective and attention/vote seeking in his rhetoric about violence. Twice as many men are murdered than women. He bangs on about men and social change when he knows its mainly a mental health issue. He goes for the soft stuff so he can waffle, spend a few $, dust of his hands and claim to have done something.


Rohm, but presumably without the Gayness.


And here I am thinking Marshall is his boss.
Oh well even dogs don’t answer to two masters.

Up The Workers!

Yeah, well dogs have much smaller ears; half as many eyes and generally have sufficient intelligence not to repeatedly bite the hand that feeds them, nor to repeatedly muck their own nests.

jacques de morton

Aussie iron ore and coal, steel made by the Chinese.
I won't be driving through that tunnel for safety and ethical reasons.
No doubt Dan got a nice backhander for that deal.


Selective 'misogyny' screeches by likes of ANDREWS, SHORT WELLEH and GILLARD.
As the ⚡BOLT would say, 'It's not the principle, it's the side' (of politics).

jacques de morton

Most mental illness amongst young people is caused by drug abuse. Until a Federal Government with a spine starts stringing up welcome new citizen drug dealers and creating an economic environment that employs young people in real jobs, the problem will get worse.
Gillard is handing out SSRI drugs that only mask the real problem.

jacques de morton

An interesting debate. A neurologist and a urologist discussing brain surgery.
The question seems to be whether Dr. Teo has superior skills to other neuro-surgeons and offers hope of an extended lifespan compared with other surgeons.
People are free to pay for or ask others to pay for surgery they feel may be beneficial.
Either or both learned doctors may be correct.
However, the human spirit seems to enjoy it's mortal body and will seek to maintain and extend it's life even in the most difficult circumstances.

jacques de morton

Brass knuckles? I met him once on a worksite where I was consulting.
I found to be a short, fat, semi-literate person with a loud mouth.
I was glad my sister wasn't there. She has little time for fools.

Liz of Vic

Marshall might have been paid off with that lovely sum he now earns!

Setka is most likely still a boss!

Liz of Vic


All very goopd idea's you have, but regrettably you are ot a minister in Andrews' Parliament.

Really the women in that cabinet need some further education, as they are a pitiful lot and of course the guys think they know it all, a bit like Bill!

I have no idea how this lot got voted back in, may be we should look a bit further into how they did it, as surely no sensible person would have voted for these crims.

Even the AWU is furious with Daniels, but he is more slippery than a snake.


And of course the Cain dynasty seethes with hatred and resentment towards the Catholic Church, the DLP and BA Santamaria - see the article below from the Age in 2007 recounting the views of Jon Cain II (who bankrupted Victoria in the 80s). Of course I wouldn't even think of suggesting that this family animosity influenced John Cain III's deliberations in the OPP towards that well-known Santamaria protege George Pell.

Cain warns on DLP comeback
By Paul Austin
February 16, 2007 — 11.00am

FORMER Labor premier John Cain has hit out at the resurgent Democratic Labor Party, warning of the danger of religious fundamentalists seeking to influence mainstream political parties.

Mr Cain, whose father John Cain snr's state government was destroyed by the 1950s Labor split that led to the formation of the Catholic-based DLP, said it was vital to avoid sectarianism and protect a secular society.

"Fundamentalist religious beliefs are growing in strength and seeking to further their ends by influencing political parties," he said. "The principal parties have to be aware that this is emerging and that they should resist any attempt, from within or without, to achieve political influence through religious pressures. The key issue, 50 years on, is whether we maintain the separation of church and state — our widely accepted secular society."

Mr Cain was responding to this week's inaugural parliamentary speech of Peter Kavanagh, who at November's election became the first DLP member of State Parliament since the 1950s.

In his speech Mr Kavanagh painted the DLP as a keeper of the Labor tradition of helping battlers and fighting for social reforms. He criticised John Cain jnr for having referred to DLP members as "sectarian serpents" and suggested Mr Cain snr's bitterness against the DLP was fuelled by "deep-seated religious prejudices".

Asked for his response, John Cain jnr told The Age: "The social conscience of DLP members to which Mr Kavanagh refers is not the issue. The people he lauds cast aside their role as members of a Labor government in implementing the reforms he cites. They did this in pursuit of what they saw as a higher cause when the (B. A.) Santamaria and (Catholic archbishop Daniel) Mannix forces sought to have the Catholic Church dominate the Labor Party by stacking its membership with their supporters.

"There was understandably great bitterness (in the Labor Party) about that disloyalty to their colleagues."

Mr Cain said Mr Kavanagh remained silent on whether he and the DLP supported a secular society. But Mr Kavanagh last night said he did believe in the separation of church and state, adding: "This does not mean that only the state has rights. 'The essence of fairness is mutuality, and this doctrine implies both rights and restrictions on both churches and state.

"The DLP is, proudly, influenced by Judeo-Christian values. The term 'religious fundamentalist', used by Mr Cain to inflame prejudices, is not, however, applicable to the DLP."

Mr Kavanagh said Mr Cain was wrong to ascribe religious motivations to the people who left the Labor Party and formed the DLP. "Although many (by no means all) were Catholics, their motivations were actually political," he said. "The Left was attempting to take over the Labor Party … Many of the people who became the DLP attempted to prevent this takeover."

He also rejected Mr Cain's accusation that the Santamaria forces had tried to "stack" Labor branches.

"Most of the people he (Mr Santamaria) encouraged to join became valuable, committed, contributing members of the Labor Party," Mr Kavanagh said. "Rather than 'stacking', the process is better described as 'recruitment'."

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