An authoritative analysis of Washington's battle of the titans
Private prosecution of Boris Johnson for misconduct in public office


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Just Thinkin'


This needs to be spread far and wide.

Will ScoMo change?

We know AnAl won't.


Outstanding video.

Sadly though, most people are well conditioned to avoid tempered argument so it’s unlikely to cut through. I hope it will but I fear it probably won’t.

Maybe things will need to get much worse before the veil is lifted from our collective eyes. God spare us from it taking too long.

Up The Workers!

It is a travesty that people like this bloke are NOT in Federal Parliament, when so many Leftard crims, grubs and scoundrels ARE.

Every fact-phobic Leftard grub helping him/her self to a taxpayer-funded Parliamentary salary, lurks, perks, schemes and scams for buggering the joint up, is keeping a decent, competent, honest and patriotic citizen like Riccardo Bosi or (possibly) Jim Molan, out of a seat there.


I am still a proud Delcon!
Scomo and the Libs are still weak as piss. I did not vote Liberal.
I am happy that the Libs won, however we deserve better.
Having to choose the least worse option when voting is not an option for me any more.
Small conservative parties warrant looking at. They reflect some of the values that the Libs once stood for.
So I agree with Riccardo. Rita is wrong. The Libs are not worth voting for.


Politics is like a bird. One bird, two wings, same crap. Morrisson will be the best Labor Prime Minister we never had.


It is good to know that there are still a few good people in politics trying to do their best for us. Thank you Riccardo Bosi. I listened to Cori Bernardi’s podcast last night and was glad to hear he had no intention of rejoining the Libs. While it was great the Coalition beat the Labor/Union team they have too many Lefties in the party for me to trust them completely.


You have said it all UTW. With you 100%.


Well done, Riccardo,this made me think and tear up. There is hope, still, while there is courage.


Great until the dramatic music


How is it that when I say pretty much the same thing, I am either ignored or damned?

Michelle Two

I don't call him Judas for nought .. so much is yet to be exposed and it will come like a freight train when it comes.. Everything comes with Divine timing.. My faith is unwavering, so is my love for everything.. xx


Reminds us all that whilst we dodged a bullet with Labor so much needs to be addressed by Libs.
Morrison should have come out with some big announcement by now, seizing the moment, but apparently happy just to coast along, same old same old. Video extremely pertinent to remind us all of the shopping list that needs to be addressed but probably won't be.
I am a fan of the Australian Conservatives but realise their vote is minuscule and they are almost irrelevant.

Ol, Ted

2 Just Thinkin

You, Bet This Needs To Be Spread Far & Wide ! & as much as possible & got to those who will courageously drop "the pig-headed bias" & see the Wood from the Trees ! (A Great Video.. & a Wake-Up Call) !

Take Heed People of the decent & trusting Conservative Australia because your very Freedom ,Lifestyle & Country is at stake !

Despite the Far Leftist attempt failing, The Morrison Government is offering you a "False Dawn"... This New Government is just a hangover from the "Turncoat" era & is a Soft Left "Con-Job"..& is just (in the Long-Term) a
re-vamped product of Soft-Style Leftism & a form of sly Gradualism,but just as Toxic !
Scomo & Co is in reality,.. a Judas Government & just as in the long run is as Toxic as Short-Brain & his radical short-term "Outfit" !

A rather Cowardly Scotty-Boy has decided which way he is going to to jump
& (sadly) who he is going to run with !


The Australian newspaper has so many labor articles in it that it's like labor won the election.
Campaining early for next elections.
ScoMo's GOT to do something about the ABC. There MUST be an independent mainstream media outlet.
The socialists haven't gone away. Rather they are ratcheting up their war against freedom.
No sitting on laurels anyone. If anything, the stakes are even higher.

Dennis Thompson

I voted for Bosi to become a Senator.

I listened to him here and heard a number of criticisms that are not accurate.

Ol, Ted

2 Michelle Two,

Yep Judas alright ! .. & spot on !... a "Good Call" !
& just as I, suspected after a very very short & waste of time "False Dawn" & hoping He would turn out (perhaps) otherwise.

Morrison is a very subtle & soft-sell sly, & creeping "Wolf in Sheep,s Clothing"

He has decided (probably) long ago, to join The Dark-Forces that are arraigned against decent people of The West.. everywhere.


Wait, Riccardo Bosi, until Australians get a load of the Minister for Communications, Mr Optus, Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Cyber terrorism... and the yarts,



I’m Ellla that used to comment on Catallaxy Files until I was banned by the South African Academic, Sinclair Davidson from the Institute of Public affairs which I believe you will find Rita Panahi is a member.

I’m from a defence force family and grew up on airforce bases. My brother was a fleet air arm pilot in the Navy during the Falklands war.

Can you or Jim Molan find some way of forcing Cairns Police Station to release a video of myself in the foyer of Cairns Police station asking to speak to the Australian Federal Police.

Rease this video to the Australian Public and we’ll proceed from there if Micheal agrees.

By-the-way, I’m mentally insane and the powers that be can prove it.

My reply: ‘ Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it’.

Peter Blake

Riccardo, thanks for your book, arrived last Monday.

Agree with everything you said about Morrison and his L O C policies.

What to do ? Between yourself, Jim Molan and Angus Hastie, to name just a few, all bright men capable of leading us to a better future but how ?

regards Peter

Michelle Two

There was talk in the media yesterday about the ABC and SBS merging ..
This article only tells me the media is failing the public so consequences are as our consciousness rise their ratings and revenue get lower .. As we all have freewill and choices to turn off what we don't want to listen to, watch or read..
We are freethinkers so will not be blindsided by any media outlet, the lessons are coming they are a very ignorant lot .. Pity that the ABC is taxpayer funded propaganda machine..
We pay for it but are not forced to watch, listen or click on anything that is irrelevant to our reality..
“One of the considerations for the federal government looking forward would be … with the eventual disappearance altogether of TV and radio licences fees, how can these dollars be replaced?” the Morgan Stanley analysts said.

“Perhaps some policy consideration needs to be given to an appropriate tax for the streaming TV companies.

“We think Australia’s two public broadcasters - the ABC and SBS - may have to consider merging, or explore other alternatives, in order to cut costs.”

Neither ABC nor SBS was expected to be immune from the same audience decline as the commercial broadcasters and this would cause increasing scrutiny of whether their combined $1.3 billion annual funding was “the best use of these taxpayer funds”.

“Thus, we think it is plausible another unintended consequence of the disruption from the rapid growth of streaming TV/music services in Australia is discussion of further cost-cuts at these two public broadcasters, and or, as has been widely speculated in the press before, the possibility of a merger of the two entities, as an alternative means to significantly reduce duplication and costs,” the analysts said.

Michelle Two

The same cancer in society are in the sporting codes as well all this division and PC crap is sending it in the same direction, so it will go in the same direction as souls will find other forms of entertainment ..
The case in point would be what is happening with Israel Falau, cheating in Cricket and all the other scandals the media bring to you..
Souls are being forced to clean up their acts or go under as we return to integrity..
As I mentioned before once the head of the snake has been capture then the whole ideology will fall..
The parts that won't work for humanity will slowly disappear from our psyche's.. the next generation of souls will be bridge builders so come up with new ideas that replace what won't work..
So trial and error with lots of intuition and wisdom will come out, from those who are connected to the higher frequencies..

Michelle Two

Barnaby and other conservatives are bringing up Religious freedom first after what happened to Israel and him losing employment because of his belief..
Attorney-General Christian Porter is pushing back on calls from within the Coalition to exempt religious beliefs from employment contracts, which could afford legal protection to views like those expressed by rugby player Israel Folau.

Mr Porter, who was sworn in as Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations this week, cautioned the government was not necessarily interested in "trying to prevent individuals privately contracting the terms of their employment".

His comments follow a call from former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce to expand the government's planned new protections against religious discrimination to include clauses preventing employers creating contracts that penalise people for their religious beliefs.

Ol, Ted

2 Peter Blake,

Rather than escape a bullet from the ALP & just go back to sleep & now relax
about current events,
How about People "Wake Up" to how they have just been conned yet again, but
this time by a subtle & soft form of a revamped re-hashed "Globalist" lunacy
"Outfit" that has been slightly re-jigged in a sly & different "Soft-Sell"
form & regrettably (& astonishingly) lives on,yet again in "The Party System"

Fabian Socialism is just Socialism/Collectivist/ Communism in a toned-down form & taking on a (so called) respectable front that fools scads of clueless People but takes the sly & deceitful very slow road !

How about a lot more people see through this whole Scam & desert the "Parties" that are determined to continue to pursue this now unwanted course.

WAKE-UP !.....Wake-Up !...People.

This horrible "Revelation" by the Riccardo Bosi Video & needs to take place & take hold in a huge way & be urgently be taken up by a large Mass of People, to this new & Toxic Disease.
& for them & desert this new ""Outfit" in a big way,.. & get back to the true will of the People & what they truly want (without).. compromise to assure them a decent & hard won & non-polluted strong,stable Democratic & independent Australia !

That,s How !

.. & Time the Thief is Running !

( & I have had enough of idiot "policies" that harm The People of Australia.)

God Help Australia & Her People.

Your Choice.

Michelle Two

Like sheep they follow the lead of the American activists..
The reaction to this PC bullshit is lost revenue as the public switch off the political bullshit, they come to watch you play sport .. because it is what you are passionate about, playing the game in front of a crowd .. or it used to be in another timeline..

Liz of Vic

M Two,

I cannot say I am impressed by the A-G., Mr Porter.

I have written to him several times and not received a reply.

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