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Bill Thompson quizzes Kimberley Kitching about Shorten rape allegations

The real story behind David Speers defection to the ABC

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It’s the biggest story in media, David Speers jumping from Skynews and moving to The ABC.

He’ll host the Insiders Show which will move its production from the palatial ABC Melbourne studios to the press gallery in Canberra.

This is where the biggest story of this move comes to life:

What is the future of Outside Insiders, hosted by Bill Thompson?

Bill has tirelessly held leftist journalists to account for their opinions and their ability to ignore the biggest political stories each Sunday ... waiting outside the ABC Melbourne studios.

Millions have enjoyed his videos and the awkward smugness of the Canberra elite as they’ve dashed from the studio into waiting hire cars, only to be stopped by Bill for a chat.

What about the countless times they’ve shifted uneasily as he’s mentioned the Bill Shorten rape accusations, and the near vomitous glares from Laura Tingle when challenged by a regular person on her lack of logic.

What will the ABC do for Bill?

Back to you, David!

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