Their ABC's Stan Grant is unconcerned that our next PM (maybe) is accused of rape
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Victoria Police contacted Shorten rape complainant today - she is satisfied police are taking her complaint seriously

Earlier this morning Kathy Sherriff made this statement:

I have received further contact from Victoria Police this morning and I am satisfied they are taking this matter seriously and appropriate action will be taken in relation to the new information I have presented to them.

Due to the nature of this case I will not be making any further posts in relation to police investigation.


I posted this response to Kathy on her Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.00.58 am

Kathy is in an awful position right now.

She's had to deal with 6,000 comments on her Facebook page - some understanding and supportive but many of them just hideous, awful, inhuman, vile invective.

I've tried to reason with a few of them - with little success.

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Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.18.26 am

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.18.26 am

I posted some of the changed laws in answer to Bonny - and got a mouthful in return from Bonny who can apparently read my mind:

I don't need you to educate me on sexual assault. The problem people like you are making, is that you assume if women don't publicly post about their ordeals, it never happened to them.


I'll separately post some of the changed law in Victoria since the OPP decided there was no reasonable prospect of convicting Shorten back in August 2014.

I think the Pell case proves that now there is more than a reasonable prospect.  Kathy deserves her day in court and so does Shorten.