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Setka "No reason for me to resign" - I can think of 60+ reasons on your criminal history sheet

A thoughtful & moving soliloquy from the growing Joe Hilderbrand - on The Left and Setka

When we were kids my sister Kathy and I were dragged onto red-rattlers to see uncles and aunties all over Sydney.  I think mum must have had a regular roster, because we'd never go more than a couple of months between each visit.

Aunty Aud lived at Lakemba in a square fibro house with Uncle Joe.  They were poor as church mice but we called them "the rich relations" because every time we said goodbye Aunty Aud pressed a 5 cent piece into our hands!

We loved Aunty Aud's smiley, lined face as she ran up the driveway to greet us.  Halfway there, Aud would suddenly stop, put her hand over her mouth, turn to my mum and say, "Oh Mau!  Haven't they grown!!!"

Lately I feel exactly that way every time I see Joe Hildebrand.

Joe Hildebrand's growing into a wise and centred contributor to our society.

Joe's real.  

His experience of The Left is real.

He's made an important off-the-cuff speech today.

He's worth listening to. 

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