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Facebook is full of it - 5 hours after pro-Trump post, counters are locked at 1!

This morning I posted an article about President Trump's 2020 campaign launch.

It was pro-Trump.

Now, some 5 hours later, the Facebook "people reached" counter is stuck resolutely at "1".

Facebook's distribution algorithms are based on reach - ie the more popular an article, the more it's presented to other people.  That's how stuff "goes viral" on the internet.

One person reached?

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 2.44.48 pm

A blind man with a cork eye can see that 153 people have reacted, 17 have commented, 18 have shared (and some on-shared) - all of that with Facebook defiantly booking just the one person having been reached.

Maybe if Trump was a black, lesbian, disabled Democrat he might rate a bit higher on the Facebook worthiness score.