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Marcia Langton owes a young man a very big apology

I don't know the young man behind the Twitter handle Tyson James - you can find him here -

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A short while ago Tyson published this comment about Magda Szubanski AO's activism regarding Israel Folau.

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And that comment led to this disgraceful, incredible public comment from Marcia Langton.

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Marcia Lynne Langton AM (born 31 October 1951, Brisbane, Australia) holds the Foundation Chair in Australian Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne in the Faculty of Medicine. In 2016 she became Distinguished Professor and in 2017, Associate Provost.

I don't understand the internal nastiness that could ever create those sorts of thoughts, let alone move her to commit them to writing, then to decide to publicly make that statement against a young man?

I'd say a prayer for her if I thought it would do any good.  I think it'd be a much better move for her employer to have a quiet chat about the standards of behaviour that befit a professor with the once great University of Melbourne.