Anyone want to help Klueless Kristina out?
Australia kneels before China. Disgraceful, unforgivable kowtowing from Marise Payne.

Reader Manning's assessment of Marise Payne. Spot on.

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There is something breathtakingly unimpressive about Payne.

Over the last few years as a Minister, she has had astonishingly little to say. As Minister for Defence she was said to be permanently "missing in action".

I guess she was keeping her powder dry so she could say something overwhelmingly stupid. And now she has*.

As someone whose foremost achievement has been worming her way up the greasy ladder of the leftist faction of the NSW Liberal Party -- and then cementing herself there in the equivalent of a bomb-proof bunker-- my hunch is that she is presently working overtime to keep Jim Molan out of the Senate. I anticipate that she will be working the numbers in favour of a Photios clone: "Bugger the national interest. The most important thing is to keep pulling the Liberal Party to the left."

The Liberals need an epiphany on the Paris Agreement. Most Liberal MPs and Senators know that "Paris" is a wealth transfer scam cooked up by the UN and a spectrum of countries with the common goal of taking our money. (Had there been no supposed climate emergency, then another dodgy pretext would have been cooked up, sliced and served with endless supporting reasons and documentation.) But they have dug themselves in so deep, there are only limited opportunities to unscramble the egg. Morrison might be one such opportunity -- but I sense a lack of political courage.