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Adam Lang is paid $60,000 per month to run 2GB into the ground

Tell Macquarie Media Ltd how you feel about Adam Lang's management at 2GB

This is what the owner of 2GB, Macquarie Media Limited tells its investors:

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Macquarie should be thrilled to speak with you about Chris Smith!



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A dedicated 2GB listener Vince Aloschi started the above petition a few hours ago.

Many of you will know that I don't think make of Change.org (the host website of the petition).

I do think highly of Chris Smith and some of his colleagues at 2GB.

If you want to support Vince's petition click here.

I personally think you can do more to help keep 2GB operating as a voice for conservative, libertarian people by writing directly to Macquarie Media Limited.

Just CLICK HERE and fill out a few lines on the Macquarie Media Limited Investors home-page.

You can also phone them on (02) 8570 0000 - and please remember that you'll be speaking with a young employee who's just doing their job so please treat them with the respect they deserve - from us!

Here's some information from Vince's petition:

The decision to axe 2gb radio host Chris Smith from the Noon to 3pm slot has come as a big surprise to many of his listeners.

With 18 years loyalty and 84 no 1 survey results, Winner of the Radio Heart Award in 2005 for  children’s Charity , Variety.

Chris juggles a heavy schedule between Radio , Channel 7 Sunrise,  Sky News panel appearances and makes time to coach children’s sport .

When Chris is not working he spends his time with wife Susie , children Ashley, Morgan and 3 year young twins Aengus and Henry.

2gb are forcing a slot change , 8pm to midnight. This will heavily impact Chris and his family life. He will not see his family all week .

There is no justified reason for the actions taken by 2gb.  "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

Yet is seems 2gb management prefer to appease some and leave others high and dry !

Chris Smith does not deserve to be treated in this manner.

Please help send a message to the management of 2gb by signing and SHARING THIS petition to keep Chris Smith 2gb on the Noon to 3pm slot.