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Video live-stream in the matter of PELL v R - Supreme Court of Victoria

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Counsel for Cardinal Pell is getting stuck into police Sergeant REED as having conducted an incomplete investigation - and to the prosecution for not having met its obligation to put all relevant available evidence to the jury. He contends that witnesses, particularly Father Egan, were not interviewed - and that insufficient weight was given to the account rendered  by the now deceased boy alleged to have been a victim in the offences charged against Cardinal Pell, ie the boy's statement to his mother that he was not a victim of sexual offence committed by Cardinal Pell.


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The court has just heard sections of the Jury Directions Act - referred to by us a few weeks ago here.


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Cardinal Pell's Senior Counsel has spent most of the first hour establishing the range of dates over which the alleged offending might have taken place - ie the range of time over which the "first" and "second" group of "events".

He now points to the apparent fact that a Father Egan celebrated one of the masses the subject of the witness/victim complaint.  He points to the police informant in the matter having made no enquiries about Father Egan and what Counsel for Cardinal Pell calls the wholly unsatisfactory answer given by the police sergeant when cross-examined on why he didn't make any enquiries about Father Egan, "I didn't because I didn't".

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0925 - Piano music?????  The sort of piano music one might hear in a funeral home.

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