All hail these great contributions to controlling the climate.
PM Morrison's union/corruption bill passes lower house - now on to the Senate

An insight into what's wrong with the world & why we pay more for everything?

I've been discussing this documentary online with a few military and police mates.

It's a breathtaking glimpse into social justice warriors in governments and their mind-boggling feel-good waste.

We (the West) spend billions to put warships and troops in harm's way in the Middle East - only to observe acts of piracy WITHOUT TAKING ANY ACTION!

The consequences of this approach are lose, lose, lose - negative all around.  The pirates know they can act with impunity so they continue to engage in piracy.  It's hugely costly and terribly destructive of morale for our military.  And we all pay in increased taxes and costs for everything we purchase.

I know of plenty of private contractors who work on commercial shipping, fully tooled up.  They shoot pirates to kill them.

It'd be a lot cheaper to put a section from an infantry battalion onto each ship, fully tooled up and ready to engage with and kill pirates while committing acts of piracy on the high seas.

Just take a look at this monstrously expensive impotence.