A reminder from retired Detective Sergeant Dave McAlpine about the Thiess/Gillard slush-fund scandal
Bill Shorten says Australians are disappointed with the election result we voted for


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Julie of Geelong

I know it’s hard to believe but, there are some decent celebrities in the world!!!


THE BRYAN BROWN. He featured in the palm beach setting and whether its an actress wife or daughter, he sure was around beautiful women.

ASADA haha on the other hand loves beautiful women in swimsuits for totally different reason. SHAYNA JACK hit with provisional FOUR YEAR BAN (her hearing is yet to come and a smart lawyer could convince ASADA otherwise). Nothing unusual about maximum ban being provisionally metered before a hearing and it's up to ASADA to prove guilt to match such ban.

After the ESSENDON saga, ASADA (with co-founder RICHARD INGS still kind of a face of it) are in absolutely NO MOOD to be swayed from doing their jobs. They copped HELL for chasing Essendon AFL and were fully vindicated. But of course unlike what we afforded to SUN YANG, 'presumption of innocence' applies....



Brown is a hard left goose,so is his wife.

Who can forget his appalling display on National TV when he lost the Australian Republic Referendum? Obviously some people here have.


Yes he is decent and still a hunk. Have always liked him. From the time I saw him in the Thorn Birds.


If we dismissed everyone who was of a different political stance then ourselves we would live in a pretty small world.
My favourite singer is a leftie and so my husband wont take me to see him but I still love his music.
Any Todd Rundgren fans on this blog?

Julie of Geelong

Yes agree- he looks good for

Bikinis not Burkas

He was very good in Spy Force, just a shame that my Uncle who was a member of Z Special Unit wasn't there to advise him, as he paid the ultimate sacrifice for us in New Guinea and is laid to rest in the Lae PNG war cemetery.
Spy Force was about Z Special Unit in WW2.


Operation Copper


Julie, I commented the other day that Michael was a handsome brute, well you can put Bryan in that group also. Where are all the Bryan Brown's of this world I ask??

Bikinis not Burkas

Must be so far left he fell off the edge, never heard of him!

Quran 79:30


Who could forget Bryan's alleged marvellous reply to wife Rachel's mum when she said something like "I had her when I was 21" to which Bryan said "I had her when she was 19." Yes, great bloke!


I used to rent a shop in Balmain. One day the girls who worked there rang me up and said they could no longer be in the building after dark as, they swore, it was inhabited by something invisible and unpleasant.

I was an Anglican at the time and so rang the Rector. He said sorry, can’t help - call the “Romans”.

I rang the local Catholic Church and the next day a lovely priest came by and performed a simple exorcism. Problem solved, all gone. St. Michael, pray for us!

Anyway, in light of this, I started attending the Holy Mass instead of the Protestant nonsense and every week, slouching in one of the centre pews, in boardies, hoodie & thongs (regardless of the season or weather) was old Bryan.

Seemed a lovely chap!

Tony H

What a decent fellow! Very good to see.

Julie of Geelong

Yay to that!!

As I said us ladies on this site know good looking blokes when we see them!!


Thanks for the reminder.


My Late Uncle was also a Member of Z Forces he was a fantastic guy,very seriously injured but survived and went on to become an elite athlete.


Brown is the Australian "Fillem" Industries answer to Che Wannabee Peter Fitzsimons only not as bald.

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