"Wake up to yourself Today!" Nine's Today show proves why it's cactus with moon-landing conspiracy story
Buzz Aldrin's 2nd best landing - conspiracy theorist pest harassing the astronaut gets a love-tap

Calombaris with a halo on the cover? More proof (the left-wing publisher formerly known as Fairfax) is cactus.

I don't know when Good Weekend mag gets printed.

It's the advertorial insert inside the few dozen copies of the Sydney Morning Herald/Age sold on Saturdays.

But ask yourself this.

If you were the publisher - wouldn't you have decided a couple of days ago that it'd be better to pulp every copy than put your name to this?

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 1.53.24 pm

George Calombaris on the cover?

With a halo?

Are there any editorial decision-makers left at the lefty-joke formerly known as Fairfax?