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Daily Telegraph on our 2GB interview yesterday - Hadley rates because he inherits Jones's audience

From the Daily Telegraph today!

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Former 2GB radio announcer Chris Smith has taken a swipe at his ex-colleague Ray Hadley, saying “anyone presenting after Alan Jones would rate well”.

During an interview with veteran journalist Michael Smith, published on Monday, Chris Smith said he did not hold grudges against the network that sacked him this earlier month.

However, while speaking about the power Alan Jones holds over the airwaves, Smith took a swipe at Hadley.

“(Jones) is essential (to the network), anyone that comes after Jones will be successful,” he said. “You take Jones out of a framework like 2GB and it will hurt you.

“I don't know whether 2GB is going to see that into the future and if Jonesy is going to continue, I don't know.”

Both Jones and Hadley topped the most recent radio survey for their timeslots.

Smith said that during his earlier years he was the benefactor of Jones’ success.

“Jonesy is the foundation, in the early part of my time at GB I was really on his coat-tails,” he said.

After 19 years with the station, Smith was fired because he refused to swap his regular lunchtime spot with night host Steve Price.

Smith said he was given no choice but to leave the network as the new night shift deal, demanded by his bosses, meant he would not meet personal legal obligations.

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Smith with son Morgan, daughter Ashley, and twin sons Henry and Aengus. Picture: Instagram/chrissmithradio

The Daily Telegraph revealed it was an agreement of Smith’s divorce that he needed to be available to pick up his daughter Ashley and son Morgan from school, and look after them in the evenings.

During the 10-minute interview, Smith said his former employer was eventually sympathetic to his situation.

“Towards the end 2GB were very understanding and very generous,” he said.

“Getting them to that process was interesting. They (2GB) were eventually quite understanding about my inability to do nights.”


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(Ray Hadley inspecting the knife he tried to shove into Alan Jones's back)