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"Do as I say, not as I do - A Code of Conduct For Others" - produced by The Hypocrites at The Greens.

Malcolm Roberts is about as "diverse" from most members of The Greens as a human being could be.

He'd be an ideal poster-boy for The Greens "Respect for Others" campaigns - in a real world that is.

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Last year The Greens started to get worried about respect for others at work - particularly in the Parliamentary workplace.

We were too intolerant of others with different ideas from our own.

And it was urgent that we fix it up.

But standards of behaviour were too important to be left to individuals.  

Standards needed to be set down in a Code of Conduct that could be enforced!

The Parliament and its members should be the leaders in this caper, we were told.  

Leading by example.

So, just 7 months ago, the Leader of The Greens Richard di Natale rose in the Senate to bring forth his proposed Parliamentary Code of Conduct.

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I've taken out a few of the paragraphs, but the following is the unaltered "Do as I say, not as I do - A Code of Conduct For Others" - produced by The Hypocrites at The Greens.



Members of Parliament recognise that they are in a unique position of responsibility in influencing the nature of civic conduct in Australia.

Members of Parliament recognise that their words and actions in the Senate (and the House of Representatives) influence issues in the public debate, and these include professional conduct in the workplace.

Members of Parliament acknowledge that parliamentary privilege protects the right of members to participate freely in debate in the Parliament without fear of prosecution.

Members of Parliament recognise the need to exercise their valuable right of freedom of speech in a responsible manner, and a failure to do so may have serious implications for individuals and groups of the Australian community and may diminish the social cohesion that is essential to our national character.


Uphold the honour of Public Office

(a) Members of Parliament will take all reasonable steps to represent public office in a manner that is consistent with the values of respect and inclusion; and

(b) this includes behaviour and language during parliamentary proceedings

Respect Australians ' diversity

(a) Members of Parliament recognise that Australia has been enriched by the diversity that exists within our nation; and

(b) Members of Parliament recognise that principles, including respect, tolerance and justice, should be upheld in parliamentary debate in a respectful manner.

Members of Parliament recognise that the Australian Parliament, including the Senate and House of Representatives Chamber, is the primary workplace for elected representatives

Reject discriminatory or exclusionary statements

Members of Parliament will not knowingly humiliate or degrade an individual


EXTRACT ENDS - (The Code in full at the end of this post).

Here is The Code in action, in The Senate - featuring the 3-term Greens Senator Janet Rice in her unique interpretation of not knowingly humiliating or degrading an individual.

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Rice is no green Greens blow-in.

Rice was a key player in setting up Australian Greens, particularly in Victoria. She organised preliminary meetings, and helped form the green politics network as the October 1992 Victorian state election approached.

The Victorian Greens was officially launched on 7 November 1992.  Rice was elected to a number of local council positions on a Greens platform in the years following.

In 2002 Rice was awarded Life Membership with the Australian Greens.

She has been elected to the Senate 3 times.

She represents The Greens heart.  It's not a pretty place.

The truly upsetting thing about this Greens hypocrisy is the vicious, demeaning and very public attacks being made online against Malcolm Roberts after Rice's face-pulling.

For The Greens, anything goes in attacking those with whom they disagree.

Anything that is, but arguing with intellectual rigour about scientific method and observable, data-led facts.

For that you'll need to see Senator Roberts.


Greens Leader Richard Di Natale Conduct by Michael Smith on Scribd

UPDATE - SHY's not missing out either!