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Jane Caro AM publishes opinion on article in The Australian - even though she hasn't read it "I can't, I don't subscribe"

A lovely online stoush is developing between Zali Steggall and Jane Caro AM (Order of Australia for significant service to the broadcast media as a journalist and social commentator).

A couple of days ago The Australian promoted and published this story.

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One of the oldest tricks in the journalist v politician playbook is to ask "Will you rule out........."

Here's the guts of the article:

When asked if she would rule out joining the government benches in this term of parliament, Ms Steggall said

“I am not going to be engaging in any of that conversation at this point. I’m not going to comment on it because no matter what I answer or what I say it will be interpreted one way or the other.

“At this point I will be true to the electorate and that is the basis of which I am here.

“I feel strongly as an independent I have an opportunity to speak out on issues of which people in the party can’t.”

It's a fair enough answer to a pretty far-fetched proposition - as if The Liberals would have her!!!

But Australia's decorated Journalist and Social Commentator Jane Caro AM was outraged - and she let the world know.

Caro took a swing at Steggall online - which triggered this from Steggall

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And here is the rub!

Jane Caro, one of Australia's most highly decorated gurus in the provision of services to the broadcast media (ie appearing on ABC The Drum), in quality journalism and in social commentary made this extraordinary admission:


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"I can't read the story, I'd have to pay for the journalism so I CAN'T read it".

But not reading the story didn't stop Caro from commenting and causing offence.

And she tried to lessen her poor form by smugly letting us know "her presumption" was that the headline may have been mischievous.

That's Jane Caro's special gift - an unstoppable compulsion to air her ignorance and fact-free assumptions parading as journalism - even though she's too cheap to pay for a newspaper.