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KPMG partner who stabbed Tony Abbott supporter in election campaign convicted & sentenced today

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62 year KPMG partert Stavros Economides appeared in Manly Local Court today for sentencing after his earlier guilty plea on charges arising from stabbing a Tony Abbott election volunteer with a corkscrew.

The Magistrate recorded a conviction (goodbye international junkets)  and placed him on a 1 year good behaviour bond without imposing a fine. 

Here's an extract from an earlier report:

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Here's some of the action on the night it happened.


Got some strange attitudes bubbling away beneath the surface at KPMG.

Some of the strangest come from former AWU chief and current KPMG partner Paul "We got ya back Julia" Howes.

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And here's a bit more light reading

I'm sure you'll fill out our understanding of the KPMG culture, so keep those comments coming!