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Letter from our reader Boolean to IR Minister & AG Christian Porter

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Dear Christian,

Thank you for the work you do and your commitment to getting rid of Union corruption.

I have been following the work of Michael Smith since he was forced to resign from his job due to, in my opinion, his higher standard of ethics compared to his management or the PM at the time.

I commend you for going after the current corrupt Unions but when we have an ex PM who has ample evidence against her that she lied to a Royal Commission, was involved in fraud, lied to the Australian public and donated our money to a potentially illegal Clinton Foundation it undermines your moral high ground if you only investigate some corruption.

By ignoring mountainous and clear evidence against a former PM it implies that some (Union) people are above the law.

It is not too strong an expression for me to say I implore you to start your fight against Union corruption with our former PM Julia Gillard.

The evidence that she has been involved in lying and fraud is, if not insurmountable, then very close to it and must be tested in a Court of Law for confidence in our Institutions to be at least partially restored.

From the days of her involvement in corrupt payments in Western Australia through to more recent investigations by Victoria Police, and actual admissions of guilt by one person involved (not resulting in charges being laid), there has been very obvious political interference on a number of occasions recently and also in the past.

One astounding case in point is that the (I think still current) DPP in Victoria decided not to go ahead with prosecution on the evidence of 2 years of work by a number of Victorian police detectives. It is not much of a stretch at all to suggest the prosecution did not proceed because the DPP was actually involved in a small way and would have known probably everything that occurred!!

I won't go on any more but I beg you to take this seriously and investigate in the interests of all Australians and their trust in our Political and Legal systems. In my opinion these systems have been enormously damaged by Union and Political coverups which allowed a major player to become the PM of our great country.

Yours sincerely,


Thank you Boolean for sharing that with us - Boolean goes on to say:

You can contact Minister Porter too - just click here, then click on the BLUE contact button!


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