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Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 5.05.09 pm
Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 5.05.09 pm

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson and Acting Leader Adam Bandt MP today said Barnaby Joyce should stop risking a Chernobyl-style meltdown in Australia and instead listen to the public and the experts.
“It’s tempting to ignore Barnaby Joyce as a mildly-humorous raving has-been, but the conservative right-wing rump obviously still wields enormous power over Scott Morrison,” said Mr Bandt.
“No-one wants a Chernobyl in Australia.
“An accident at a nuclear plant can devastate countries. A spill at a windfarm is just called a stiff breeze.
“One of the problems with the energy debate in Australia is that it’s consistently hijacked by right-wing ideologues that have no idea what they’re talking about. Nuclear is unviable on price, construction time and safety.
“As startling as Barnaby’s apparent willingness to reach zero emissions is, only the Greens have a plan to get there safely by shifting to 100% renewable energy.
“Barnaby’s fixation on nuclear power won’t get one built. He shouldn’t waste parliament’s time and taxpayer dollars with these inquiries.
“Instead, Barnaby should be pushing the Nationals to adopt the Greens policy to shift to 100% renewables.

"It's tempting to treat Barnaby Joyce as our very own Homer Simpson when it comes to nuclear energy - they're both totally unqualified, irresponsible and a threat to public safety - but Scott Morrison clearly wants this particular bull back in the china shop."

Greens spokesperson for nuclear and Senator for SA Sarah Hanson-Young said:
“The obsession with nuclear inside the National Party should scare the hell out of all Australians. While Barnaby Joyce is spruiking nuclear power, National Minister Matt Canavan wants to dump dangerous nuclear waste in South Australia’s precious Flinders Rangers.
“Today’s Federal Court decision in Adelaide shows the Morrison Government has no commitment to community consultation and no sensible, science based strategy for radioactive waste management. They're simply wanting to dump nuclear waste in South Australia no matter what local people feel about it.
“If this is how the National Party behaves with a nuclear waste dump, imagine the chaos they would create trying to decide which small eastern state town a power plant would be built in. 
“Barnaby should name the town he wants to build this radioactive monster in and I’ll be there to debate him in the town hall." 

Media Contacts:
BANDT - Gideon Reisner; 0429 109 054
HANSON-YOUNG - Emma Pocock; 0427 604 760