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A reminder from retired Detective Sergeant Dave McAlpine about the Thiess/Gillard slush-fund scandal

Now happily retired Detective Sergeant has been very active over the past couple of days.

Here's a reminder about how his 1990s investigation into the Thiess/Gillard slush-fund scandal was shut down.

Come back later today for some further developments involving Dave and The AWU Scandal!

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Fmr DET SGT Dave McAlpine breaks his silence on GILLARD and her co-offenders in The AWU Scandal


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Search Warrant File From DET SGT Dave McAlpine by Michael Smith on Scribd

Caught up with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian yesterday

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It was great to be in NSW with the Premier after her stunning win in this year's NSW state election.

I'm pleased that the charge(s) against GILLARD will be heard in a NSW court, given her alleged offending took place just around the corner from where I met with the Premier.

I'd have a lot less faith in the Victorian legal system.

Thank you for taking the time yesterday Premier, you were very generous to me!

PM Scott Morrison attacks selected union targets - protects others

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has lashed Labor for refusing to support laws making it easier to deregister unions and ban “thug” officials who break serious laws.

Addressing the West Australian Liberal party’s state conference in Perth on Saturday, Mr Morrison said it was “shameful” the opposition didn’t support the bill, which will be dealt with in the upper house in either October or November. The Morrison government will be able to use its majority to pass the bill in the lower house, but will need to convince four out of six crossbench senators to support it.

“The thuggish behaviour of militant unionists acting in a criminal way, in a serial way, should be banned and Labor oppose it,” Mr Morrison said. “Anthony Albanese and Labor are also opposing our laws to outlaw unions siphoning off workers’ wages and other entitlements held in workers entitlement funds.

“That is just shameful so we will press this this week.” Mr Morrison also goaded Mr Albanese over the CFMMEU’s Victorian branch secretary, John Setka, who is accused of making disparaging remarks about anti- domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty and was convicted for harassing his wife.

Mr Albanese is trying to expel Mr Setka from the party.

But Mr Setka has mounted a legal challenge against his expulsion, with the court battle likely to drag on for months.

“Maybe they will get rid of John Setka, who knows,” Mr Morrison said. “But how can you not vote for a bill that would see John Setka booted out of the union movement as well?

“If he’s not good enough to be in the ALP, why is he good enough to be in a union?” Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie’s support will be crucial to passing the laws, with the Greens also opposed to the legislation.

She has signalled she might back them if Mr Setka refuses to stand down. Mr Morrison left the conference immediately after his speech, not speaking with reporters but having his photo taken with children before he dashed to another commitment.

Before his anti-union tirade, he crowed about the Liberal’s election victory in May, congratulating MPs who increased their margin including member for Canning Andrew “Tasty” Hastie.

He teased Labor’s expectation of a win, saying the party treated the campaign “like a coronation tour”.

Then-leader Bill Shorten kept telling West Australians how many times he visited the state but Labor didn’t snatch a single seat from the Liberals. “Perhaps he should have visited less,” Mr Morrison said, drawing laughter.

What side are YOU on @ScottMorrisonMP? Do you back corrupt corporations & union mates or not?

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This will be an important week in the House of Representatives, where the Coalition will use its numbers to see the passage through the House of legislation aimed at bringing corrupt union bosses to heel.

But it's The Senate that will determine whether the new Bill becomes Law.

Prime Minister Morrison and his IR Minister Christian Porter would sound a lot more fair dinkum if they stopped protecting major Party donors Thiess (and corrupt Thiess executives) along with corrupt union figures Bruce Wilson, Bill Ludwig, Julia Gillard and others over The AWU Scandal.

Every time the PM or his Minister ignores an Affidavit, email, letter or phone call from former detective Dave McAlpine, AWU whistle-blower Ralph Blewitt, former AWU President Bob Kernohan, former WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner Ray Neal, former Corporate Affairs official Ralph Mineif, me or our readers on this matter - they make it just that little bit harder to believe the prime minister here:


Thiess paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in secret commissions into a secret slush fund set up by Julia Gillard.  That money came from Australian taxpayers through the WA and Victorian governments.

The Prime Minister says he's serious about "tackling lawlessness in workplaces whenever and wherever it may occur". 

Really PM?


You can start right here, right now.

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