Construction finance guru "Amortiser" on Thiess's secret commissions to GILLARD slush fund
All hail these great contributions to controlling the climate.


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They put ALL the resources into beating ABBOTT - but it blew up in their faces. The LNP have moved towards the Right and won the election. They're not 'Right enough' but it's a start.
The GETUP! stooge is a case of 'favours owed' at taxpayers' expense.

Little Rocket Man up to his old tricks again...

Haha SHAYNA JACK now says Swimming Australia forced her to keep quiet then hung her out to dry. Well......Swimming Australia isn't the ones who put the drug in her system. JACK fronts up FRIDAY for hearing..

MITCHELL STARC(H) cricket's Mr Potato Head, reportedly to get the AXE for First Ashes Test starting tomorrow. Don't like the twitter sook, but it's BIG mistake if that is true. His strike rate is phenomenal and he takes four wickets a test....


Before the election, STEGALL told Sky on May 2 in Warringah debate:

" As I’ve said, I really don’t have anything to do with GetUp!. It decided to come to Warringah because it is supporting a climate change agenda and Mr Abbott is such a high-profile denier. "

Bullshit. And now favours owed; GetUp! is stinking up taxpayers in Warringah.


Well the phone bill would be huge if they had to ring her all the time to tell her what to think and say.


GETUP! is a Left USA lobby group bitch. Social media and lobby group giants in the US have TOO MUCH power. The gay lobby over there even tried to make Australia change the name of Margaret Court arena. No wonder TRUMP is having a field day there.

Talking of field day, haha some of the headlines regarding the First Test Ashes team for Birmingham tomorrow. 'Starc reality' and 'Starc choice' regarding which bowlers will be dropped. STARC to be dropped? Man, that's BIG mistake. He didn't have best of Ashes last time but his cricket World Cup form should have made him a shoe-in and his career record speaks for itself....


Former Ferrari boss who visits MICHAEL SCHUMACHER regularly reveals that he struggles to communicate...

Speaking of cars - another GETUP! fail. Autonomous and electric cars have not garnered the confidence of consumers - mum and dads who fund ELON MUSK like they do GETUP!...

GILLARD'S bogan behaviour reaches HUNGRY JACKS in South Australia ;)...

OH YYES! Indian batting opening wonderkind PRITHVI SHAW banned 8 months for DOPING - saying substance was in a cough syrup...


Why am I not surprised ?

Julie of Geelong

Not with my tax payers money thank you very much!!

What’s wrong with these people don’t they know these sorts of things always get found out - they are so dumb.

Steggall needs to get rid of her now!!!!!

Up The Workers!

Can't the Aussie selectors find room for Dodgy Dan in the side...he's a far better, more proficient cheat than any of the amateur sandpaper-wielders in the team so far, and Fatty Ashton can keep to him, as he usually does.


Every touch leaves its trace.

Where did I hear that before.

Steggall and co are/were Get up stooges as we already knew.

Warringah will suffer 3 years with no effective representation just what people with brains already suspected.

Big shame we the taxpayers will pay big time for this rubbish.

Jeff of FNQ

My picks for the XI are Warner, Bancroft, Khajawa, Smith, Head, Labushagne, Paine, Cummins, Pattinson, Siddle, Lyon.

[Xi? President of China? Bit harsh giving them away to that mob. MPS]

Jeff of FNQ

Mini electric excavator.

Listen to commentary to the end.

Dennis Thompson

I remember a time long ago when members of parliaments had no electoral taxpayer funded and supplied electorate use vehicle, and no staff.

Politicians considered themselves, rightly, to be public servants, elected representatives of the people.

Looking at Zali's list of staffers on Sky News I could not believe what I was seeing.

Dennis Thompson

I gained the impression that her excuse was like unions spending money on Labor campaign advertising, not direct donations of money.

GetUp were right behind her campaign, orange verses blue shirts, and, I have been told, shirt swapping to suit the venue.

Dennis Thompson

A number of observers who were involved in the Abbott Warringah campaign have commented publicly that the GetUp campaign was the dirtiest of tactics they have ever experienced.

Bronwyn Bishop was one commentator.

Dennis Thompson

Like a trip to Perth by EV Jeff.

Slightly faster than a Cobb & Co Coach.


Sh*t - good point and good portion that money wouldn't be surprised may even have come from overseas, namely USA lobby groups. But it's 'campaign advertising' with benefits including no paper trail of 'donations of money'. Seems to be GLOBAL scam. STEGGALL was a CHAMELEON. Posters, shirts et al changing colour to fool the ill-informed voter regarding who they are voting for exactly. CRIKEY 'back in the day' i thought the TORIES were masters of such stunts - but the Left are putting them to shame.




Haha that's a CLASSIC. 'Zero emission MY ARSE'...

WHAT a SCAM. No one complains about 'renewable energy' or whatever if it stands on its feet. But when it benefits ELITIST FEW and fools the masses into shelling money to fund such white elephants on basis of 'Left scares', then such radical Left political hijacks are an act of.......economic vandalism (to use KEATING's term when he was PM).


CHINA bluffing they'll do to HONG KONG what they did to TIANANMEN SQUARE. But they WOULDN'T DARE. They do that again, they'll cut their own throats too and such bluff 'Chinese military at border with HONG KONG' will go NOWHERE. People of HONG KONG are NOT interested in living under dictatorship regime....


LEGEND! Raheem KASSAM. Haha SOCIAL MEDIA which is the LEFT REALM is actually bringing the LEFT undone....

' British activist Raheem Kassam is due to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, alongside former prime minister Tony Abbott, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, his former boss and UK Brexit party leader Nigel Farage, and New South Wales' One Nation politician Mark Latham.

The conference attracts tens of thousands of people in the United States, and is now branching out into Australia.

Shadow Home Affairs Minister Kristina Keneally told the Senate last night that Mr Kassam should not be allowed a visa to enter the country. '


' Australian senator @KKeneally wants me to freak out publicly over her lies about me in her Senate.

I got a massage and played ping pong instead.

I'll see her in court if she repeats her defamation outside the chamber, where she currently hides behind parliamentary privilege. '

Wayne Shaft

ZALI WORLD 🌎 Is A crazy 😜 Place .🤪🤪🤪 She Will Be Begging Smuggo To Let Her Join The Liberals Before The Next Poll . Just Another One Hit Wonder 💩

Not on the Left

Surely there must be a law against organisations like GetuP! interfering in election campaigns?

Dennis Thompson

I read that an engineering association in the UK advised the government there that, theoretically, because the wind never blows steadily enough, that if the UK vehicle fleet was EV based all of Scotland would need to be covered with wind turbines including offshore.

And that only for the additional energy to recharge vehicles.

To put that into perspective: Capital Hill Wind Farm at Bungendore NSW operates 67 wind turbines with combined "installed capacity", in other words design maximum nameplate capacity running 24 hours a day with suitable wind velocity, of 140 MW. However, the AEMO rating called "capacity factor" is 30 per cent (maybe 35 per cent at some wind farms). So real estimated average 42 MW available.

Add "firming", transmission line to main grid, back up generators, maybe battery and/or pumped hydro back up.

The Liddell Power Station NSW gifted to AGL Limited when they purchased nearby Bayswater Power Station from the NSW Government (all NSW Government electricity assets sold for $6.1 billion as compared to estimated value of $12-15 billion) has an installed capacity of 2,000 MW from 4 generator units of 500 MW each, capacity factor not much below installed capacity/nameplate.

To duplicate Liddell with wind farms would require 48 Capital Hill Wind Farms, each on 6,000 hectares or 15,000 acres of suitable land, and there is not enough suitable land in NSW.

For the money involved in wind farms and firming at least two new technology High Energy Low Emissions coal fired power stations of 2,000 MW each could be built.

And providing 24/7 generating regardless of wind and solar conditions.

When will our elected representatives focus on our needs as a nation and as individuals?

Dennis Thompson

They are not a registered political party, they do not directly stand candidates for election to parliament, so they should be banned from participating in elections.

To say nothing about their foreign backers who seek to influence election results.

Dennis Thompson

It is clear to me that she is a pretender, her aim is to fool voters into believing that she is a safe conservative MP, a "sensible right" candidate as she claimed during the last election campaign, in other words voters could rest assured that she was a worthy replacement for Tony Abbott.

And now she is a GetUp supported Independent with no access to opposition or government party rooms, no easy access to government cabinet ministers to speak on behalf of her constituents.

It reminds me of Ted Mack who as a former North Sydney Mayor successfully stood for election as the MP for North Sydney as an Independent. After two terms in Parliament he announced that he would not stand again for election. His reasoning included that as an Independent he was very limited in ability to deliver for the voters who elected him, a waste of his time and their votes.

He decided not to accept a parliamentary pension and benefits when he left.

I wish it was different, that independents and smaller party MPs could have more influence than the now two party preferred basis system, but the fact is that such people are on the sidelines.

Maybe in the near future more voters will reject the two major sides?

We have already, combined two party vote down from traditional 80% to 60%, moved away but more need to change and show the major parties that we expect more from our representatives than being UN followers and promotors of socialism/globalism.


Had I voted for ZS I would be asking for my vote back OR declared invalid.


2 Dennis Thompson

"When will our Elected Representatives focus on our needs as a Nation & as Individuals" ... a very good question !

Answer, When enough People "Wake-Up" to the sly Judas of a PM & his Ugly
band of His useless Cabal.

(Lets talk about the Real "Silent Scott") ! The Real "Deal" !

* He is silent on The Paris Climate Accord.
* "" on Subsidizing Renewables.
* on, High Power Prices.(which are Destroying Manufacturing in Australia).
* on, Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act.
* on, a Weaponized Human Rights Commission & the stiffing free-speech.
* on, out of Control "Immigration" Levels."
* on, Political Islam.
* on, Islamic Terror.
* on, Female genital Mutilation.
* on, Child Marriages.
* on,the Humiliation of Women.
* on,Sharia Law.
* on, Halal Schemes ( that may well end up funding terror).
* on, Our Dire Fuel Situation.... & Much else,..on & on..& on.

Just ask yourself this, Is this Guy a very narrow ,rather cowardly & highly selective "Ex Turncoat" carry-over & Soft-Leftist & a so-called Christian
(I,d say not..... & that He is in fact in reality, a fake & uses this as a sly & cynical cover).

How long before the Euphoria & The blinkers come of & a lot of decent hard-working & sensible conservative Australians "Twig" to this Guy & his tag-along & useless Cabal.
& When do Australians finally come to their senses & the blinkers really
& do finally come off ?

Sorry to burst some peoples bubbles !

NB : (& Yes, make no mistake (Labor) Labour are a total Disaster Area & deserve to stay a very long time in the outer wilderness !

But, long before a huge awakening to The Real Scott..... How Long ?

seeker of truth

I wonder how Steve Hislop will manage his business "Design in Green" without his wife Louise who is an important member of his team.

This is a photo of Louise Hislop

Government rules are that you are not allowed to employ your relatives as staff. Pity it doesn't cover employing your friends. Louise is obviously being rewarded for directing Zali's campaign against Abbott, being the lead voice in "Voices of Warringah". She ran James Mathison's campaign when he stood against Abbott.

Here she is talking to Women's Agenda in January 2018 -

"I’ve learnt, like most of Australia, to curb my hopes when it comes to politics.

At a time when many of us are crying out for leadership yet climate change barely gets a mention, and when we fail to treat desperate asylum seekers humanely, and the Prime Minister goes on national television and talks about the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ and you get the sense after watching him that HE has no heart, do I dare speak of hope?

When the water our lives depend upon is the subject of allegations of theft and government corruption, and the traditional lands of the Wangan and Jagalingou people in North Queensland are under threat from the world’s largest coal mine, which in turn threatens the health of the Great Barrier Reef and planet Earth, how can I have hope for 2018?

Did you know Peter Dutton, a person with little regard for human rights, and a very wobbly relationship with the concept of truth, is set to become the head of a super ministry? It will include the agencies of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the Australian Federal Police, Border Force and more. Is any Australian comfortable with that?

Meanwhile, the major parties are busy trying to maintain their positions in the wake of dual citizenship court cases and by-elections, while simultaneously trying to downplay the role foreign donations play in their policies.

And yet, ever the optimist, I have hope.

You see, I live in Warringah and where there is a beach, there is hope: hope that, in the very likely scenario of a federal election in 2018, that our ever-popular local MP: the bushfire-fighting, surf life-saving, charity-cycling, raw-onion-eating, all-round average bloke; famous for missing key votes in parliament due to drunkenness and wanting to knight Prince Phillip, may not get the local support he is accustomed to next time.

The same sex marriage postal survey has invigorated the people of Warringah, and we are waking up to the fact that this man, who travels the world on our taxpayer dollar, espousing extremist Christian and climate-change-denying views, does not represent us. We can see that his wrecking, sniping and undermining of our duly elected PM (despite a promise that he definitely wouldn’t do that) has been instrumental in preventing Malcolm Turnbull from being the leader many of us hoped he would be.

I believe many people who voted for Abbott last time were responding to the last-minute texts, robocalls and personally addressed letters sent to us by Malcolm
Turnbull himself. Malcolm asked us to vote for stability.

I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that he won’t be making that mistake again.

There’s always hope!"

Louise Hislop sure had it in for Abbott. Sounds a real bitch. The hypocrisy of the woman with this comment - "while simultaneously trying to downplay the role foreign donations play in their policies." Just how much did foreign donations via GetUp play in Zali Steggall's campaign! At least that loophole has now been closed so I'd expect Zali not to be so well funded next time around.

seeker of truth

I need not ask "Who is pulling Zali Steggall's strings?" Louise Hislop will be the face of Warringah for those who attend the electorate office.

The Truth never hurts

I can only hope that the voters of Warringah are happy with their representative - your next election is 3yrs away

Not on the Left

"Did you know Peter Dutton, a person with little regard for human rights, and a very wobbly relationship with the concept of truth ..."

Where is Hislop's evidence for such a foul slander?

Doesn't exist; typically like many leftists she just makes it up.

Not on the Left

Like many other Marxists, Zali Steggall tries to hide her true agenda, in the hopes of making suckers of the public.

Unfortunately, many of them fell for her.


One day during QT last week Zali Steggall asked the PM if both sides of parliament would agree to make sure the truth be told about behaviour in various seats during elections. Scott Morrison was polite but gave a spray about the disgusting behaviour of Getup in the seat of Warringah and their shabby treatment of a good man like Tony Abbott. Steggall just sat there expressionless as she was shot down in flames.

jim cross

I would love to have seen that. I wonder if someone has the skills to post the relevant bit of question time?


Jim, not quite as I remembered but here it is:
Steggall calls for political advertising law changes

OT Michael, have you watched this? It looks like we are getting some decent people actually interested in working for their electorates within the Morrison government.
Terry Young (Lib-Longman) - Maiden Speech (Jul 31, 2019)

seeker of truth

Kristina Keneally did another Oscar winning performance when she strongly objected to Kassam being given a visa to speak in Australia. No one would have known that he was to speak in Australia but we do now thanks to her outburst.

The lady doesn't get it. We hate being lectured to by a Yankee voice.

Wayne Shaft

Yes / ABC All The Leftist Way 👽 Seems Like Male Sportsmen Are Now Banned On Their ABC 👽Along With Conservatives .👺


George (((Soros))).


It shouldn't be forgotten that Morrison was ultimately the pick of (((Globalist Goldman Banker))) Turnbull.


Seems that in ABC world males don't play cricket, and the wimminz are all superstar legends.

Dennis Thompson

We are all waiting Ted.

Nation building infrastructure projects for a start.

Wayne Shaft

Marxism Sucks .👺

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