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PM Scott Morrison attacks selected union targets - protects others

What side are YOU on @ScottMorrisonMP? Do you back corrupt corporations & union mates or not?

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This will be an important week in the House of Representatives, where the Coalition will use its numbers to see the passage through the House of legislation aimed at bringing corrupt union bosses to heel.

But it's The Senate that will determine whether the new Bill becomes Law.

Prime Minister Morrison and his IR Minister Christian Porter would sound a lot more fair dinkum if they stopped protecting major Party donors Thiess (and corrupt Thiess executives) along with corrupt union figures Bruce Wilson, Bill Ludwig, Julia Gillard and others over The AWU Scandal.

Every time the PM or his Minister ignores an Affidavit, email, letter or phone call from former detective Dave McAlpine, AWU whistle-blower Ralph Blewitt, former AWU President Bob Kernohan, former WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner Ray Neal, former Corporate Affairs official Ralph Mineif, me or our readers on this matter - they make it just that little bit harder to believe the prime minister here:


Thiess paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in secret commissions into a secret slush fund set up by Julia Gillard.  That money came from Australian taxpayers through the WA and Victorian governments.

The Prime Minister says he's serious about "tackling lawlessness in workplaces whenever and wherever it may occur". 

Really PM?


You can start right here, right now.

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