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$4.7M reasons why Labor & Liberal governments leave Thiess alone!

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From 1999 (when records began) the Australian Electoral Commission holds details of 967 separate donations to major political parties made by Thiess contractors and its parent Leighton Holdings - totalling $4,691,423.49.

These are huge amounts of money - with donations on tap for political mates!

Thiess/Leightons have now morphed into CIMIC Ltd and various disparate corporate groups associated with Spanish company ACS Group and its German-based construction company Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft (Hochtief).

There's one reason profit-driven corporations make donations to political parties - to buy influence.

And Thiess/Leightons has been one of the nation's biggest purchasers of influence - $4.7M worth.

Here are the details of money-for-political-mates from Thiess.

Leighton Holdings Ltd Polit... by Michael Smith on Scribd

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Thiess Contractors - $1.2M ... by Michael Smith on Scribd

Leighton Contractors $246K ... by Michael Smith on Scribd

Leighton Holdings - 623 donations totalling $3,231,305

Thiess Contractors - 243 donations totalling $1,213,810.01

Leighton Contractors - 101 donations totalling $246,307.98

That's a grand total of $4,691,423.49

Morrison's Liberals and Albanese's Labor have done very well out of Thiess.

And Thiess has done very well out of Liberal and Labor governments.

While taxpayers have funded millions paid into union slush funds.

Scott Morrison, show us you're fair dinkum, prove that we're all equal under the law - even your huge donors.

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