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Dastyari puts bike helmet on to walk IN to building

Everyone laughed at Mr Bean.

No one thought he should be the leader of a political party.

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Dastyari quizzed on text & phone records that cast doubt on Kaila Murnain's evidence to TURC

The Australian's running with this Sam & Kaila friendly headline........

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 12.25.21 pm

...which is a bit of a surprise given the content of the story!

But a number of contradictions emerged during the former Labor senator’s evidence when the ICAC revealed a sequence of text messages and phone calls that showed Ms Murnain met Mr Dastyari shortly after she had seen Holding Redlich partner Ian Robertson about the donation irregularities — and not before as Ms Murnain claimed yesterday.

It also appears that, according to Mr Dastyari’s evidence, Ms Murnain did not tell him she had already seen Mr Robertson.

And every ready to provide fodder for the easily pleased media circus - Class Clown Sam didn't disappoint!

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Channel Nine following the ABC - everyone agrees lowering engineering entry scores for women is a good idea

Not one of them said merit should be the determinant.

Talk shows thrive on lively debate. 

We already have an ABC with extra lefty echo chamber from The Project if you need it. 

I don't see a great path forward for Nine in following them to The Left.