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Adam Bandt (MP for Melbourne) and his petition to remove Alan Jones from Sydney radio

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On behalf of the presumably zero listeners to Sydney’s 2GB radio station living in his electorate of Melbourne, Greens MP Adam Bandt has started an online petition to “get Alan Jones off air”. To be fair to the southern laneway folk, the shock jock’s Sky News program Jones & Co (Tuesdays at 8pm) sounds like the type of Fitzroy hipster cafe that serves coffee in avocado skins. Bandt’s office tells Strewth the petition has more than 16,700 signatures. But Queensland Labor MP Graham Perrett suspects ulterior motives. Anyone who wants to sign their name also needs to provide an email address, postal address and mobile number. “Data harvesting with absolutely no practical outcome is a real art form for some political parties,” Perrett tweeted about Bandt’s petition. “Almost a business model perfected over the last 40 years of so doing.” But it’s not only the Greens that have perfected this tactic. One insider says Labor often runs spurious petitions to collect email addresses for its database, which it then uses to spam inboxes with everything from donation requests to union and GetUp campaigns.


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