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Vatican statement on Cardinal PELL today

Best comment on Pell decision today comes from Archbishop Anthony Fisher

Archbishop Anthony Fisher. Picture: Hollie Adams


“Cardinal Pell continues to (maintain his innocence) notwithstanding today’s decision. Today’s split decision amongst the judges is consistent with the differing views of the juries in the first and second trials, as well as the divided opinion amongst legal commentators and the general public.

“Reasonable people have taken different views when presented with the same evidence and I urge everyone to maintain calm and civility.”

“I pray for and will continue to support survivors of child sexual abuse at the hands of clergy and other members of the Catholic Church so that they may find justice and healing,” he said.

“I again say how sorry I am that you were harmed by people you should have been able to trust. I am conscious how you and your loved ones have had to live with the consequences of abuse for a lifetime.”


It's still imprudent to make definitive comments about the Pell prosecution, conviction and Victorian appeal as the Cardinal has 28 days to appeal to the High Court.