Therapeutic Albo "Hasn't seen a corrupt MP" - what about this bloke you're having a beer with?
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Chris Smith to host Sky's Bolt Report for the next two weeks

Smith said in his first episode filling Bolt’s “massive shoes” he would focus on nuclear power in Australia and how to “stop corruption in federal politics”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'm sure plenty of our readers can help him out with examples of corrupt people in federal politics - unlike Albo who's apparently deaf & blind on the issue)

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Former 2GB afternoon host Chris Smith to join Sky following ‘very emotional’ radio departure

Chris Smith has revealed his next big project after finishing up as 2GB’s afternoon radio host for more than 15 years. Smith says the “sadness and anger” following his shock departure from 2GB have “evaporated”.

Former talkback radio host Chris Smith says the “sadness and anger” following his shock departure from 2GB have “evaporated” as he prepares for a new role filling in on Sky’s the Bolt Report.

Smith will fill in for Sky host Andrew Bolt for the next fortnight following intense speculation about his future after Sydney broadcaster 2GB formally announced it was cutting ties last month.

After more than 15 years in the afternoon radio timeslot, Smith said he believed the second half of 2019 could be “some of the best months of my life”.

“The timing for me couldn’t be better,” he said.

“I was going to go and sit on a beach somewhere for a month but it looks like I’ll have to put that on hold, but (filling in at Sky) is very exciting, I’m a huge admirer of Andrew’s.”

Of his 2GB farewell party last week, Smith said it was “very emotional” and included a “really good bunch of quality people”.

“The sadness and the disappointment have evaporated, I’m so past it, it’s not funny,” he said.

It marks the end of a destabilising time for Macquarie Media, the radio station’s parent company, which announced it was re-signing breakfast show king Alan Jones on a two-year contract worth a whopping $8 million in May after months of talks.

Macquarie sources previously told The Daily Telegraph 2GB hoped to move Smith to the evenings timeslot and replace him with Steve Price. However a shift swap would not have suited Smith, who has four young children.

Smith said he now has a number of projects in development, including a possible writing gig with and a radio idea he’ll be pitching to networks.