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Christian Porter, why ask for new union-corruption busting powers when you're not using the ones you have?

In July as the government's new union related bills were passing through the lower house, Christian Porter had this exchange with John Stanley on 2GB.

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JOHN STANLEY: Now, just explain to us what this bill would do?

ATTORNEY-GENERAL: It recalibrates the standards pursuant to which the Federal Court could deregister a union, or indeed prevent an official from a union from holding a position as an official. Now there are already standards in place, but what we've seen is that they have been ineffective to prevent unlawful behaviour.


That's because you haven't enforced them Christian.

If you want support from the cross-bench senators for new powers, you might find you need to convince them you're fully using the powers you have.

There's a widespread view that you're running a protection racket for Thiess and former AWU official Bruce Wilson because of their association with former PM Julia Gillard.

Every touch leaves its trace.

More soon.

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