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This from The Australian today.
Radio host Alan Jones.

Radio broadcaster Alan Jones has answered his critics on-air by celebrating his latest ratings win after a tumultuous week of controversy over his comments about New Zealand’s Prime Minister.

More than 50 advertisers have withdrawn from the 2GB radio program after Jones encouraged Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “shove a sock down” the throat of Jacinda Ardern.

But Jones responded to his critics this morning, with the number one breakfast radio host telling them 2GB rated number one in Sydney and has done so consecutively for 122 rating surveys.

2GB radio host Alan Jones. Picture: Supplied.
2GB radio host Alan Jones. Picture: Supplied.

“I rarely talk about myself here … nor do we talk about ratings but there are plenty of people who report on radio ratings that don’t know a thing about it.

“I suppose given some of the headlines over the last few weeks, this may be worth mentioning,” Jones said on his program this morning.

“There are only eight radio ratings a year in Sydney and this breakfast program has now won 221, which is over 30 years.”

Jones’ show remained on top in breakfast radio with a 17.1 per cent share of the listening audience.

“My thanks to listeners who are very loyal. They’ve been with me a long time,” Jones said

“We must be doing something right. It appears as though we do it successfully.”

The 78-year-old then read out comments of praise from loyal listeners, describing him as “the voice of the people” and telling him to “keep up the fight against the lefties”.