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Kapani Cup highlights 2019 - congratulations to the graduates of the Kapani Warrior program!

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The Warrior Program is an anger inoculation program for men between the age of 18 to 30 and was originally delivered by Tjintipit Psychological Services (TPS) and now delivered through Kapani.

The program utilises an operant conditioning model and uses intensive behaviour modification techniques in real world settings. Participants are exposed to stressors in a contained environment and coached through the psychological management of their own emotional de-escalation.

In 2012, the program was developed to address the high levels of domestic violence within Indigenous communities. The program aims to work directly with male perpetrators of domestic violence, individuals at risk of perpetrating domestic violence, and individuals with a history of violence and aggression against other individuals and property.

 The Warrior Program acknowledges the high rate of incarceration of Indigenous men within the justice system, and aims to provide a program that attacks the antecedents to incarceration, in particular aggression, alcohol abuse, trauma and poor impulse control.


Here's a video of the highlights of this year's Kapani Cup held a couple of weeks ago in Aurukun.


I absolutely love this no-bullshit, no excuses style of thing.  Not a social justice warrior in sight - just real ones.

Congratulations to everyone concerned!

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