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No sanction for Greens Senator Janet Rice over Malcolm Roberts incident

From Dave McAlpine
What a cop out, remember this, incredible behaviour, basically sanctioned by the Chamber. Downright rude, insulting and extremely childish behaviour.

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Proceedings in The Senate are regulated by this document.

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Here's a quote 

"Senators should encourage courteous and civilised debate which is characterised by "good temper and moderation".

Janet, here's another extract from the rules governing how Australians expect our Senators to behave.

7. Courtesies of debate

By its nature, debate governed by known procedural rules is inherently orderly and facilitates rational discussion of matters of all kinds, including matters on which opinions may be deeply and passionately divided. A hallmark of parliamentary debate is the application of certain protections to observe courtesies that are fundamental to respect for the institutions of government in its different manifestations.