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Pond-slime who run 2GB block Chris Smith's daughter Ashley's work experience

The gutless amoeba left her waiting in reception for half an hour after she turned up for pre-approved work experience - essential for the poor kid's HSC.

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Chris Smith’s teenage daughter has told how she was “gutted” to be turned away for approved work experience at her father’s former radio station 2GB after being left forgotten in reception for half an hour.

Ashley took to Facebook on Tuesday to complain Macquarie Media executives were “cruel” to turn her away for the approved one-week internship when she had completed 300 pages of application forms to work at the station’s Pyrmont headquarters yesterday.

Taking to social media today, she posted: “Having the best time with Verve PR in Darlinghurst. Loving working in the city …

“I was supposed to spend this week at 2GB, approved weeks ago along with 300 pages of applications. To then turn up on Monday and be told to go home at 9am.

“So upset because without this 35 hours of work experience, there is no HSC. But they didn’t care.

“They then tried to tell me the middle man between my school and themselves was lying about accepting me this week.

“I was gutted at least I can say I am the ONLY student to have ever been refused work experience in radio.”

The Daily Telegraph contacted Smith about his daughter's Facebook post.

He said he had asked her to delete it but added he was immensely proud of the way Ashley had handled the disappointment of being asked to leave.

"I am so proud that after being told to leave the premises she actually went and found herself, through her own contacts, a week's worth of work experience. I am just so proud of that," he said.

The talkback radio host is preparing for a new role filling in on Sky’s The Bolt Report for the next fortnight following intense speculation about his future after he formally announced he was cutting ties with 2GB last month.

After more than 15 years in the afternoon radio timeslot, Smith said he believed the second half of 2019 could be “some of the best months of my life.

“The timing for me couldn’t be better,” he said.