$3 BILLION in extra funding for AUS SOCOMD to project SASR overseas
Nine buys Singo's Macquarie stake at $1.46 per share - down from $2.17 a year ago

Socialist jack-booted safe haven

This is very funny but there's a serious and important lesson to take away.

Socialism and communism require force - not free choice - to operate as political systems.

People have to be forced into following the leader.

We've seen a little of the US Democrat Socialist forum before, but this larger piece from Tucker Carlson will give you a much better view and understanding.


In 1987 Julia Gillard became the public face of Australia's Socialist Forum.

She was elected to Federal Parliament in 1998.

As you can see from the extract below, she remained in the position of public officer of the Socialist Forum until October 2001.

Explains a lot!

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 6.50.42 am