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Therapeutic Albo "Hasn't seen a corrupt MP" - what about this bloke you're having a beer with?

This is Albo today.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 4.12.23 pm

And here he is having a quiet, secret ale with Craig Thomson MP.

Albo and thommo

Here's our story from the wayback machine.

Thommo and Albo. Birds of a feather who, ahem, flock together.

Therapeutic albo

"I have the view in life that when someone tells you something, you believe them". Anthony Albanese, Leader of the House, 24 August, 2011 after Craig Thomson told him it was that other bloke.

Therapeutic Albo brings many qualities to his job as Deputy Prime Minister.  His judgement must have got left behind somewhere he was too embarrassed to go back to.

In August, 2011 Anthony Albanese didn't think it was unusual for the Labor Party to pay Craig Thomson's legal fees.  He didn't know how much, but that didn't matter.   Craig deserved the support.  Albo had full confidence in Craig Thomson and he said so publicly.


Here's how The Australian reported Therapeutic Albo's support

THE Coalition has failed in an attempt to have Labor's Craig Thomson explain himself to the parliament as a senior Gillard government minister declared the besieged backbencher was entitled to the presumption of innocence.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese today threw his support behind Mr Thomson, saying he "absolutely" believed the Member for Dobell's denial of wrong-doing.

"I have the view in life that when someone tells you something you believe them," Mr Albanese said today.


Since then, Fair Work Australia has made findings of fact that Craig Thomson improperly used money and other financial resources of the HSU for his personal benefit.  He's also charged with 173 offences in Victoria and is the subject of a NSW police fraud enquiry.

"I have the view in life that when someone tells you something, you believe them.  

Albo, you can be a mate.   And do it quietly without spectacle and without impugning the office we pay you to hold.

Or you can be a public figure, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia at one of the busiest pubs at the banker's end of the city.  And if you're going to be out and about as our Deputy PM, you've got to be careful of the company you keep.  Grab those US President DVD's and imagine a Vice President getting on it with one of the Sopranos if you need a bit of help in seeing how it looks.

I don't think Albanese manages the distinction between the two roles at all well.

Deputy PM Anthony Albanese has beers with controversial MP Craig Thomson

Here's Patrick Lion's story from today's Daily Telegraph.

Albo and thommo

HE has been banished from the Labor Party and is facing more than 170 fraud and theft charges including allegations he used union funds to pay for prostitutes.

But that didn't stop Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese last night enjoying a few beers with controversial Independent MP Craig Thomson in the middle of the election campaign.

The drinks at the Bavarian Bier Café in Sydney's CBD came on the same day Labor's preselection process for Mr Thomson's seat of Dobell was thrown wide open.


This is a screen grab from the Bavarian Bier Cafe's website where the Peter Slipper Memorial Mussels feature.   (Peter's idea of a night out in Sydney is vastly different from Thommo and Albo's, just sayin').

Craig and albo bavarian

Albo, you are the Deputy Prime Minister.  Your judgement in attending True Thai Massage, premises where sexual services are offered for money was poor.   You should have listened to the Elder Statesman during the week of the media legislation debates (yes that week, when Craig was trying to get your party to pay his legal bills..............weren't you the man who was negotiating with Craig to get his vote in favour of the bill?)

When you say that if someone tells you something, you believe them you sound a bit naive, or biased, or lying.  None of those are good.

Consorting publicly with the bailed offender Craig Thomson who faces 173 charges, some relating to frauds over payments for sexual services is another thing that's not good for our deputy PM.

It's exacerbated when you are a senior Labor Party figure and your Party is being sued by Mr Thomson's lawyer for more money.   It's Thomson's legal work, the bloke you were on it with.   

You and the Party have spent more than $350,000 so far on Thomson's legal fees and costs against him.  He is a liar and he is currently facing charges that allege he is a thief and a fraudster.  Out of respect to His Worship CharlesRozencwajg I say alleged thief - but Albo you as Deputy PM know that Fair Work Australia found that Thomson took money owned by workers and used it on himself.

When faced with the judgement call to go somewhere private for a quick drink with a mate, or to parade publicly as Deputy Prime Minister with the bailed offender Craig Thomson - you chose to diminish the role of Deputy PM to parade with the man who enjoys not only the Labor Party's financial support, but the public support of our Deputy PM.

Hope you had one for the workers.


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Michelle Two

Bring to your mind that those in the darkforce change meanings of words in the media spin off to disassociate the force that is coming..
Something must be on the minds of these souls to bring up the subject as it is surrounding them, but this is systematic so they may not view it as corruption but how business is done in the darkforce bubble..
Because they have been protected by the system they will never see themselves as doing anything wrong because of their position in this parallel universe and the political system itself..
Something must be in the air that is about to break or wake these politicians up from their slumber..
Bring to your mind all the ego stroking that goes on when you are sworn to uphold the secret code and get promoted above your ability to perform.. that is the current system that rule over us..

Michelle Two

It is actually amazing what you don't see or remember when you have beer googles on.. but every touch leaves a trace in the political world as many eyes and ears are open to get the dirt files in order.. with photographic evidence.. see photo's above and the tales media tell..


He doesn't mind quoting other people who claim to see it though...

"Of course, it was reported recently that there were detailed discussions involving Mr Brown, Ms Faehrmann and fellow New South Wales MP, Justin Field, about forming a split-away party. And, announcing his split from the Greens party in December, Jeremy Buckingham said:

… the fact is that the New South Wales Greens as an organisation is corrupt and rotten."


What a joke!The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth. Obviously he didn't follow the RC or reads this site- ".....he hasn't seen any EVIDENCE of corrupt politicians....." Apparently he takes Gillard at her word and believes she is also innocent. IF that is the case why is it that he and the ALP resist her case being tested in court. He must believe all the NSW ALP MP's doing time for corruption are also innocent and were falsely convicted.


Our politicians live in a bubble of make believe.

They believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden.

They believe they are untouchable. But their day of reckoning is at hand.

Saul Goode

Albo and Thommo, the only two Labor members who proved they *could* organise a root in a brothel

Julie of Geelong

Albo’s gone all country. Did you all see him up North last week trying to look like one of the blokes?

Chasing the Indigenous vote no doubt!!


What were those other two monkeys that were sitting with the "blind" one that was a popular ornament back in the late 60s/70s ....

Oh I remember



On the subject of corrupt politicians, news today of a third Labor MP (Qld) under investigation for channeling Govt. funds to his wife. It was said he had previous 'form'.


I think Kimberly Kitching has a bit to answrvcor.

Up The Workers!

I take it then, that he alone thinks that Oily Al Greaseball, the Griffith druggies' apologist, was as pure as the driven Labor snow.

The man is a fool.

No wonder Premier Setka holds him in contempt.

The Truth never hurts

I see Mr Rub-a Tug man is auditioning for the latest Crocodile Dundee Movie in NW Qld
By the way when will Albanese list his fathers name on his Citizenship Declaration - we have all seen the photos of him together with his Italian Father


Michael - with respect. Albo in not the Deputy PM. That title belongs to the little known Michael McCormack, the Leader of the Nationals.

Albo might be the “alternative” PM, should Labor ever win office.....but don’t elevate him to something he is not. Thai Brothel Hopper has a much better ring to it.

[Thanks Bill - he was when we first published the 2nd bit of that story:

Here's our story from the wayback machine.

Thommo and Albo. Birds of a feather who, ahem, flock together.
Wednesday, 07 August 2013


Up The Workers!

When AnAl the Brothel-Hopper and Craig Thomson met up in that hotel for a beer or three when Craig (the soliciting A.L.P. Member of the House of Reprehensibles whose skills with crocodile tears, bovine excrement and outright gillarding on the floor of the House, memorably cleared the Chamber) - were they on AnAl's Marrickville turf, or on Craig's?

I had thought that the encounter must have taken place on AnAl's turf, where AnAl could shout his bonking buddy to a freebie down at the Marrickville 'Erectoral Orifice', but the thought now occurs that if the "Honourable" Craig still had possession of the H.S.U. Platinum Brothel-Card, they might both have been 'bonking-out' on the Union members cash.

How "Honourable" is that!

In either case, once they got to either AnAl's favourite shop of knocking (or one of Craig's 250 similar favourites) and disrobed, I wager that AnAl the Brothel-Hopper would have seen far more of a grossly dishonourable MP than their poor ripped-off constituents would ever wish to see in a month of Sundays - either by looking at the dishonourable Craig, or by merely looking in a mirror.

Yep, no doubt about it - after Juliar the bent, corrupt, sacked ex-solicitor with the bought plastic post-nominals, or Bonking Billy Short-One, the cowardly, accused child-molesting rapist; AnAl the Brothel-Hopper and Setka's Doormat, is eminently qualified to lead the A.L.P. in the style to which it is accustomed!

A.L.P. - Always Linked with Prostitution.


Hey, Albo, you are being a thick brick, have you heard the name of Gillard? You need to take an urgent trip to Specsavers, today.


selective amnesia I believe the condition is known.


Good onya Michael for raising this, albanese 3 days after losing the election front & centre praising the cfmeu, $16 Million in fines 50 or so officials before the courts , Nothing to see here , Labor accepting their money !
Is that NOT corruption ? try raising this with the Australian ,don't Print !!!

Up The Workers!

If AnAl the Brothel-Hopper hasn't ever seen a single corrupt MP, how does he manage to shave himself of a morning - or does one of the 457-Visa girls do it for him so he can avoid shamefully looking in the bathroom mirror?

Perhaps he can inform us of precisely when he will be repaying the whole $20 MILLION plus interest that his criminal former Party Federal President, Michael Williamson thieved from the lowest-paid Unionists in the nation all those years ago?

Does he believe that the thieving former Labor(sic) criminal or the poor, innocent Unionists have the greater claim on the stolen loot plus interest?

Is he particularly proud that the only person ever to be sent to prison for stealing $20 MILLION in Union funds, was the thieving criminal scab who was Federal President of HIS own Party?

Egregious self-enrichment from such a source, seems a particularly low thing to do, given the lying platitudes that the A.L.P. is always gillarding about being "the battlers' buddy", or "the workers' Party" and other such demonstrably fraudulent hogwash.

No Federal President of the Liberal Party has ever thieved $20 million from a Union and then conspired to prevent the honest, ripped-off Unionists from ever reclaiming it. That is a notable distinction in outright scum-baggery which the A.L.P. has all to itself.

What assets of the Party does he propose to immediately liquidate in order to raise the cash to pay back all the loot that his criminal grub of a former Federal President, stole?

What measures has he taken to force Williamson to dig up or reveal the precise location of the $20 Million that was ferreted away for a rainy day?

Is he still quite so sure that he has never, ever seen a corrupt MP?

Or like all his predecessors, is he still just gillarding?


Albo doesn't know his arse from his elbow .


"I have the view in life that when someone tells you something, you believe them" except of course those conservatives sitting on the other side of the chamber.

Michelle Two

A side affect of choosing to be a politician in this century of losing your integrity..

Liz of Vic

I have been waiting for years for that to happen!

If I had been Mr Morrison, that is the first thing I would have done, establish the citizenship of everybody in the Parliament and he Senate.

Liz of Vic


I believe that if one is corrupt, one cannot see it in anybody else, that is most likely Albo's problem, he is unable to see past the corruption, to him it
is a way of life.

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