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Which union & award covers workers who bill their time in 6 minute increments?

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I am travelling today so posts will be light, but I wanted to leave you with this to ponder.

Here is an extract from a 20 page submission made to the Senate by now retired DET SGT Dave McAlpine.

McAlpine is referring to a video-record of an interview with Ralph BLEWITT conducted under caution with the intention of its production in evidence against BLEWITT and his co-conspirators in the GILLARD/WILSON/Thiess secret commission conspiracy.

BLEWITT stated that there was an arrangement between Thiess (JUKES and TRIO) to pay WILSON the sum of approximately $300,000 over a three-year period by means of invoicing via the AWU-WRA.

He maintains that this sum is arrived at when you multiply 54 x 36 x 52 which is the equation for the number of hours per week at Dawesville by the dollar value to be paid per hour, over a 52-week period (one-year times three equally $300,000).

BLEWITT as a former Union Organizer dealt with employee wage records and time sheets over a number of years.  He provided a number of pages of documents that were his calculations based on his workings as to ordinary time, time and a half- and double-time hours.

He stated categorically that he would have never have invoiced anyone in increments of 6 minutes (or tenths of an hour) as per the invoices he was shown.

He maintains that whilst he was responsible for the signature on the bottom of those invoices, he never checked the content and never worried about how that amount had been arrived at. He believes that Ms. CAMPBELL was directed by Mr. WILSON and Ms. GILLARD to create each of those invoices based on the billable hours a lawyer would use, that is 6-minute increments.

Union employees do not work or claim overtime in incremental minutes of an hour, as a Unionist he relies upon the simple formula of ordinary time, time and a half- and double-time hours.

Mr. BLEWITT provided a sheet for each month of 1992 in which it can be shown that there is a significant variance between the billed hours and amounts as opposed to his calculations of hours worked as per the Union requirements.

He reiterated, he did not and would never work in incremental hours.

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