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Aussie butchers' shop "Non Halal Certified" sign banned by Ad body for discrimination & vilification of Muslims

Adelaide's Valley Butchers looks like a pretty flash meat operation!

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Until a couple of weeks ago, the shop proudly displayed a decal in the window featuring their business name and the words "NON HALAL CERTIFIED" with a picture of an emu and kangaroos.

And that simple statement, that their meat is "non-Halal certified" has brought the butchers before the Advertising Standards body which has formally found:

The majority of the Panel considered that as there was no such thing as a certification of meat products as ‘non Halal’, the phrase used on the window amounted to a statement that was ridiculing of halal certification and that this was offensive and demeaning to people who are of that faith or are of Muslim ethnicity.

The majority of the Panel also considered that using the phrase ‘non Halal certified’ in conjunction with imagery of Australian animals was a suggestion that Islamic dietary practices are not Australian. The majority of the Panel also considered that this advertising would give a strong impression that people of a certain religion or ethnicity might not be welcome in the store.

The majority of the Panel considered that the sign’s wording and images amounted to a depiction that was inciting hatred or contempt of a group of people based on their religious practices or Muslim origin.

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