Peter Van Onselen maintains unblemished record of getting it wrong - he's in the wrong room at the White House
Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG with his detailed statement denying last night's 60 Minutes allegations


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TRUDEAU doesn't even put 'black-face' to the name properly.
What is the use showing the back of his head?

Up The Workers!

"Justin Trudope - Father, husband, @Liberal Party Leader, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada", comedian, blackface, curry-store Indian, Black-&-White Minstrel Singer and tap dancer, will sing for his supper, Leftard Hypocrite, available for public performances and Al Jolson Impersonations - going cheap after the 21st of next month.

Up The Workers!

I wonder if he is a big fan of the A.L.P.B.C.'s "50 Shades of S. Tan Grant"?

Julie of Geelong

The sooner Canadians dump him the better we all will be!!!!.


Poor blokes just trying to hold a cabinet meeting, give him a break.

Julie of Geelong

He forgot to add “dickhead” to his list!!!!!!!

Wayne Shaft

Horrible Elitist Shit Of Of A Man . 💩👺




With that photo he would have to be a J9 surely


Row 10 K or anywhere in Row K is my choice .He should be hanging next to Merkel or along with any of the other politicians selling out Western Democracy for UN s HIGH TREASON.


I don't like him in any colour.

James of West Perth

Marise Payne following with glee

The MudCrab

Hey, if you only black the back of your head, it is not technically black FACE.

Michelle Two

It must be so hard for a soul to wear so many masks and not know his true nature... Enough to make a soul so vain scared of his own shadow..
The more masks you wear over your heart the more masters you have to please, makes one look like a fool with no true foundation of soul..
So vain.xx

Michelle Two

Maybe one should paint their butt black.. black butt the upside of that is no one sees it not even the owner.. and it is never aired in public or shouldn't be.. but with this lot of Elite you never know who has captured what or where, then when it will turn up for public viewing..


When NICK KYRGIOS loses to FEDERER in epic 3 setter, he is WOKE enough to blame 'hot chick' in the crowd that 'distracted' him. He has worked out how to work political commerce and turn the tables back on it...

seeker of truth

"Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the best virtue signaller of them all?'

"There is no one better than you, Justin. Just ask your twitter followers."

It's a sick fairy tale.


Who cares??


Did Justin do both characters for the shot?


How do you Trudeau?

Up The Workers!

I hear he also works under the stage-name of "Justin Coconut".

He's not a hypocrite - he's just a typical "woke" SJW "progressive" Leftard.

Up The Workers!


I think he should've stayed in the Closet.

He's a lumberjack and he's not OK!


What a fraud!


Justin Trudeau is a grub. A political spinster he is.


I still keep thinking....

WTF were Canucks thinking when they elected this joke?

.........then I shamefully remember......Rudd.......Gillard....Fraser.....Golf Witless.......!!


The Australian politicians, our sense of humour who walk and talk but not necessarily at the same time. Did you forget Turnbull? How little has been done by so few for so many.

Michelle Two

This darkforce is losing control and becoming toast as they are put to the standards of their own petard..
Live by the sword and die by the sword as your soul sets and creates its own standard by what you believe in as you need to walk your talk.. and when you wear so many masks you never know which one is the true soul that hides underneath them all as that true soul in this energy is so busting to come out as our souls get back to integrity and the illusion of the darkforce lies are out in the open..
Is Justin Trudeau toast?

At this point anything is possible. It’s an all-too-delicate situation for the PM. Some Ottawa observers have been talking openly about the PM being replaced (a la Doug Ford and Patrick Brown) six months before the federal election, which seems nuts. But any future embarrassing revelations could put more public and political pressure on the RCMP, for example, to become involved. A few backroom types have been spinning that the Globe, which was leaked the SNC-Lavalin story, is sitting on more. That remains to be seen. But it's been that kind of trajectory for Trudeau.

Just when it looked like he might ride out the storm over Wilson-Raybould’s testimony before the justice committee last week, another shoe dropped Monday afternoon when treasury board president Jane Philpott announced she was resigning from cabinet, citing her lack of confidence in the PM and the government’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin file.


Haha UK travel firm Cook-ed the books. A good Cook has a halo above the Head...


Yes, that turd escaped me I don't know!!

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