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Minister Stuart Roberts' frightening plans for your personal data

This plan (which I publish in full below) is frightening.

First up the Minister in charge - Stuart Robert.  You can guarantee there's trouble ahead when a Minister of the Crown talks about his government "needing to compete with the private sector" - particularly on something as sensitive as gathering and using YOUR intimately personal data - here are a few words from the Minister's letter:

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 8.39.53 am

This guy's attitude stinks!  He goes on to talk about the reams of YOUR personal information held by government - and he says this, quote:

"yet much more can be done with this truly national asset".

I don't want the government doing anything with my data.  It's not a "truly national asset" for the government to use.  It's mine.  If the police or others want access, let them get a warrant.  But that's not the way Stuart Robert and friends see it - here's another quote from his paper:

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 8.44.40 am

There are plenty more examples along similarly odious and intrusive lines.

Read the report and let Stuart Robert and the PM know how you feel.

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