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Reader C of Adelaide explains new world dystopia of government/commercial data-sharing

In order to register a car in South Australia, you have to have compulsory CTP (compulsory third party insurance). Previously the state government underwrote the scheme, approving CTP premiums & managing claims by having the Motor Accident Commission outsource them to a claims manager.

From July 1st this year, registration renewals were issued with a choice of four different insurance agencies who would now be underwriting the CTP component of the policy. All four agencies cost the same & their policies are identical, as set by the SA government – so what was the point of the change?

After renewing my car registration I received a lovely letter from AAMI advising me that my personal information collected & held by the SA government had now been handed over to them. If I objected to this, then AAMI may not be able to provide me with the product/service I had paid them for (remember I cannot chose my own CTP insurer, only one of the four chosen by government & I cannot register my car in SA without having CTP insurance).

AAMI’s CTP SA Customer Privacy Statement makes interesting reading – it seems that AAMI reserve the right to build a dossier of personal information about me from a variety of sources (21 of these are listed on the privacy statement) including hospitals, medical, health & wellbeing professionals. Once their data mining is complete, this dossier may be disclosed & shared with virtually any other entity here &/or overseas.

Lastly, I may also be lucky enough to receive “online targeted marketing” from AAMI & any of their multitude of business associates. The other three insurers: Allianz, QBE & SGIC have almost identical privacy policies & disclosure statements.

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