Butcher digs heels in on Non Halal "As long as we own the shop, the sign won't ever come down!"
Dave McAlpine and I brave global warming on the Hume Highway en route Canberra today

Update on day two with Dave McAlpine

Dave and I were very fortunate to be shouted lunch by a "Colourful Sydney media identity" right on the harbour yesterday and even more privileged to be visited by a couple of beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets.

Last night we had a major breakthrough in bringing the AWU Scandal to public, front page prominence.

As a result of that work Dave and I will take one day from our Canberra schedule to spend some time with another influential journalist/commentator to map out how that "new development" will evolve.

Wish us luck, we pick up a rental car today and we're off on our road trip - minus the lorikeets.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 5.02.34 am

PS - a quick note to the offenders in The AWU Scandal.

You have very good reason to be ashamed of what you did, and afraid of the consequences which are about to hit you.

Every touch leaves its trace.