President Trump should sue Channel Nine over Therapeutic Albo caption!
George Megalogenis - GILLARD would win next election in a landslide


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Up The Workers!

How on earth did we ever survive before such Einsteins came amongst us?

THESE are the deep "finkers" that the dribbling Leftard loons at the Brown Movement and their dull-wattage acolytes at the A.L.P. get all their scientific and meteorological advice from.

Humpty Dumpty would have been a safer bet.

A.L.P. - It's Mensa for DUMB PEOPLE!!!

Up The Workers!

Dodgy Dan's "Minister for Education", James Merlino this morning announced that he is going to crack down on allegations of serious anti-semitic bullying in some Melbourne schools, amidst reports of Jewish students of 5 and 12 years of age having been bashed and photographed being forced to kiss the shoes of Muslim students.

James Merlino has the singular distinction of being "Minister for Education" in a political party too stupid to spell its own name properly for the last 101 years.

I wonder if he proposes to arrest Jeremy Corbyn, the notoriously anti-semitic Leader of the anti-democratic British Labour Party and charge him with gross anti-semitism too?

With his formal attire of Pommy flat-cap, socks and sandals, Corbyn should at the very least be sentenced to life in prison for international crimes against sartorial elegance - quite apart from all his other many behavioural oddities

seeker of truth

It turns out that it was a set up, as we all expected. It was a piece of satire to show the ridiculous of the over the top claims in the climate change debate.

The thing is the protester was right in over population being a big problem in the world today.

Wayne Shaft

Cortez 👻. dumber Than 🦇 Batshit .😄😄😀🤣😂🤣


Even if they bombed Russia it wouldn't fix it.


Harsh, but fair.

Julie of Geelong

Which is dumber - doggy do do or batshit??

The Inside Line

The thing is, no one in the audience stood up and shut her down. Either they agreed with her or they have become so petrified about speaking up against anything no matter how insane it is they have become true woke sheeple. One of the best bits of troll work I've ever seen. The young lady should get an Oscar.

The Inside Line

Well doggy doo doo just dries up and crumbles after a while. Batshit on the other hand just gets more and more putrid and toxic as it piles up beneath the bat's roost.
I think there's a little something in that for all of us.

Dennis Thompson

Another of George's bright (well he must have thought so) young things for future greatness roles in George's stable.

Dennis Thompson

Is it true that she once commented that she would not like to give birth to twins?

Because she wouldn't like being pregnant for eighteen months.


I think somehow the protester escaped her minders and forgot her meds in the process........pretty sad though, she thinks we only have a few months left, and eating babies........where did she ever get that from!!!

Callum Murry

"dog shit" or as the old man used to call them "barkers nests"....... Maybe there is a connection there... "Barking mad"..

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

AOC treated what looked like a nutter politely. Do we know if the woman in the audience was a GOP plant?


This was a piece of satire in the mode of Jonathon Swift by the LarouchePAC organisation.

Larouche has been calling out the fraud of global warming long before anyone was taking notice. Larouche at one time had the most advanced private counterintelligence agency in the world and if you want the actual, real, deep research on the villians behind AOC and Greta Thunberg then read this;

This is really how the world works and it is your guide to what is going to happen financially over the next several years. The next collapse (perhaps just 2-3 years away) will bring about Nazi Banking policies using a new cryptocurrency, most likely issued by the BIS and based on the SDR.

I urge you to read this in full.

And for good measure, see how the world's central banks are getting ready to take control of all spending come the next crash and directing it to green energy projects only.

Jeff of FNQ


Jeff of FNQ

She did warn everybody:


Dennis ..if it is true,,,she is twice as crazy as her pregnancy term ..but she is dog fukv crazy anyway..


Read. Comprehend.

Jeff of FNQ

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told constituents at a town hall that she was tired of her party's current efforts to impeach President Trump, saying it's only the first step in a broader societal overhaul.

“I think the whole thing is boring," Ocasio-Cortez, 29, said Thursday at the Queens Library event. "He should have been impeached a long time ago. I'm over it. And so that's how I feel about it because we've got work to do.”


The left, they are the worlds danger, not climate change, mad and unhinged, and not fake news. Unbelievable, and sick.


She got that from a Swedish Economics Professor at Stockholm University who believes eating human corpses will help save the planet.

Dennis Thompson

I wonder if her New York based constituents will vote her back into office again?

Apparently the New York community who supported her have swung over to the other side, President Donald Trump has impressed them and AOC has exposed herself to be a dill.


Batshit is really hard to clean off your car after you mistakenly park under a Moreton Bay Fig tree overnight. I know this because...


Mmmm.. the Soylent Green equivalent of veal

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