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Thanks to Liz of Vic and others with the tip on this brilliant send up!

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Several Liberal MPs have signed on to a crossbench-led climate action committee, as the parliament’s independents attempt to take partisan politics out of the nation’s climate policies.

Tim Wilson, Dave Sharma, Jason Falinski, Katie Allen, Angie Bell and Trent Zimmerman are among the Liberal MPs to sign up to the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action group, along with Labor’s Ged Kearney and Josh Burns as well as Adam Bandt from the Greens and Andrew Wilkie.

Established by Rebekha Sharkie and Kerryn Phelps late last year, the independent Helen Haines has stepped into Phelps’ role as co-chair, with Zali Steggall to serve as deputy chair. Sharkie has pushed for a cohesive climate policy since her election, while both Haines and Steggall vowed to make climate action a priority in their campaigns.

The group aims to serve as a safe place for climate action, away from the “partisan politics” which has dominated Australia’s attempts at establishing a policy, including within the major parties themselves.

“No other policy issue has been plagued by such partisan attacks and the end result is two decades without any meaningful public policy action and reticence by the private sector to invest in Australia’s climate transition,” Sharkie said in September.

“Climate action should be an issue that crosses the political divide. Managing risk is actually quite a conservative approach to take.

“This is where a group such as the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action, chaired by independents, can play a part in providing a forum to listen to the experts.”

Steggall said it was a way of bringing ideas together with tangible action.

“I’m calling for a sensible approach to climate change that is bipartisan and productive, which I hope this group will bring,” she said.


Reminds me of Turnbull crossing the floor to vote with Rudd and Labor over the ETS.

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