President Trump's letter to Turkey's President Erdogan
ABC senior executive pay up 70% over past year


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Up The Workers!

But...but...but...He's a Labour voter - surely that should get him off all charges; and apart from that, as anybody can plainly see, he was having a bad hair day!

In Australia, you can get off drug dealing, child molesting, rape, theft, forgery, perjury, embezzlement, extortion, cheating at Union O.H.&.S. exams, rorting Parliamentary Allowances, cheating at multiple State elections, Breathalyser Tests following serious accidents, driving the A.L.P. Prime Ministerial vehicle in a possibly drunk or drugged, life-endangering manner, 8-times in a 3-month period; etc., all from having a deep association with the Crims' Party - and provided that you grease the right palms.


Or claim that you have mental health issues

Julie of Geelong

Michael, you are being far too polite calling him a “scumbag”.

How about putting “arsehole” in front of “scumbag”.

But, even that sounds too polite.

They should throw him in jail and throw away the key!!


GEEEEZZ. 12 years - at least he got some time.

Stan M

The cult of peace hard at work again.

The Truth never hurts

Have they forgotten about the Hangman's Noose


Tasers not effective enough, on this carload of barbaric mongrels. We all know what would have been effective.


Homegrown scumbag.


But....Brown people are so enriching of our stale culture....Isn't this what we keep hearing? Just think of the food choices we now have. You know its worth the extra danger.


Another complete bumble brain here. She should be married to Saleem Mehajer. Female police prosecutor and judge didn't see that light side of this 28 yo leading police on a 230 kph chase with her urestrained infant in the back. She not only showed zero remorse Mehajer-style but bragged even the night before she got jail for 9 months. Prosecutors had no trouble presenting her online boasts to court ...

Stu of FNQ

I feel sorry for Police Officers in the UK, with no firearms. Clearly the tasar didn't subdue the offender.
When confronted by an armed Police Officer, the offender still clearly couldn't give a $hi!
Two rounds in the chest, was warranted

seeker of truth

Hussain said he panicked, it was a moment of madness. That is one big fat lie. Hussain is a repeat offender when it comes to dangerous driving and driving unlicensed. He just didn't want to be caught, pure and simple, and this time he was driving a stolen car to make matters worse.


Or throw in the racist card.

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