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Jason Morrison with heartbreaking news for farmers and decent human beings

I owe you an explanation on the GILLARD private prosecution

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Churchill also said, "“Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about.”

It's good advice.

The first night I sat in defamation lawyer Bruce Burke's office with Bob Kernohan I knew that the corruption in The AWU Scandal was an important matter for our country.

It is for you too, because it goes to the character of what it means to be Australian.

I will never give up.

Far too many people and institutions have surrendered to Julia Gillard.

News Limited did.

Fairfax did.

The Liberal Party did.

Tony Abbott did.

Victoria Police did.

Western Australia Police did.

And so have dozens of politicians to whom Dave McAlpine and I have written, or with whom we've met.

I know I've tested the patience - and character - of people I've admired.

And found them wanting.

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions can intervene in my private prosecution at any point.

And it can choose to continue with it, or to withdraw the charges.

It applies a two-fold test to that decision.

Is the prosecution likely to result in a conviction?

Is the prosecution in the public interest?

Dave McAlpine and I have been working on a range of measures better to inform the public of the gravity of this offending.

Time and again we've had doors closed in our faces.

I fully understand Ms Gillard's offending and because of that, I have a duty to bring the offending to the attention of authorities.

When those authorities fail in their duty, my resolve grows stronger.

I have a pivotal conference on Monday.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Listen carefully to Ms Gillard, Ralph Mineif, Ray Neal and Ralph Blewitt.

Would you give up and let this matter pass through to the keeper?

I give you my word, I will never give up.

Every touch leaves its trace.



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Thank you.


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Waterproof Mac

Keep up the good work Michael. Thank you for what you do for all Australians, including those who do not yet realise what is happening.


All the best for Monday Michael.


Michael, surely they will all feel ashamed and embarrassed by your persistence soon. I will keep supporting you while you persevere.


Churchill is a glorified fraud. For someone who accused others of appeasement he was the pot calling the kettle black. He appeased Stalin. The entire British Empire including Australia went to war in 1939 over Poland and then in 1945 Churchill agreed to that country being handed over to the USSR along with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. He also covered up the Katyn massacre of Polish officers for Stalin despite knowing it was the work of the Soviet secret police. Churchill claimed to be fighting against dictatorship yet supported the dictator Stalin. He claimed to be fighting for the system of parliamentary democracy yet backed a one party state. He also told the British secret service to back off from an investigation of Soviet infiltration of the UK government because Stalin was an ally. As a result communist spies and traitors such as Kim Philby had a field day being able to pass on information to the Kremlin.

Steve J

No one is perfect!
Poland was the trigger but maybe National Socialism was the cause.
What was Churchill supposed to do about the Baltic states and Poland when the Red army was occupying them.
He actually had the British General staff work on something called operation Unthinkable. Look it up.
Churchill was well aware of what floated Stalins boat. It was Roosevelt who thought he had some sort of special relationship with him and could "make" him see reason.
Churchill said something along the lines of "I would have allied myself with the devil to fight Hitler".
He didn't support Communism or whatever the system was that Stalin presided over.
Without Churchill it is likely that Lord Halifax would have been Prime Minister and there isn't much doubt that some sort of peace deal would have been negotiated with Hitler.
Britain had no chance of ever defeating Germany on its own.
Give Churchill some credit for seeing that it may have eeked out an existence until it became the last one devoured by the crocodile but that would have been the guaranteed end.


This opens whole big Pandora's box and that is why all those listed in feature post have claimed up. They lost their spine . Man can't govern man and that is why such obvious corruption had to be done and seen to be done. The little guy and gal don't get a fair go and get grossly institutionalized when this sort of corruption flourishes. Infinitely great work everyone.

Michelle Two

The Double Dissolution election that slammed one door in our faces wasn't really about the unions that was just an excuse and bonus for the Establishment to keep its foot soldiers in tact as they still needed them the true purpose was the other Bill that would of created the same result it was the darkforce funding Aslan the Ghost was saving.. I was just looking at my timeline of events surrounding the deals with China and why the coup against TA took place..
In April 2016 PM Turnbull visited Beijing and got a welcoming flag flown for the occasion ..

The CEFC was being saved look how much money went through this "Green Bank" when Tony Abbott was going to shut it down.. $837 million up to $2.3 billion it has yesterdays date on the article.. Turnbull increased the value of the investment bank to fund maates.. now who did I put up the other day with Chinese influence that also worked on the board of a company that invests in battery technology and I mentioned conflict of interests.. Warwick Smith and Magnis links in comment section ..

The government currently has two triggers for a double dissolution – that is, two pieces of legislation that have been rejected twice by the Senate: the scrapping of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and the toughening of union governance through the registered organisations bill.

On Monday the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, warned the Senate that if it did not pass legislation relating to the re-establishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, which has been rejected once by the Senate, and the registered organisations bill, he would call a double-dissolution election.

Turnbull ruled out using the CEFC as an election trigger, focusing instead on the two industrial relations bills.

But he said the Marinus Link — a proposed second interconnector cable from Victoria to Tasmania — could attract CEFC funding because it would unlock wind and pumped hydro investment in northwest Tasmania that could be used to help a stretched mainland electricity market.

“That is something we would love to be involved with,” Mr Learmonth said.

Settlement of a new, smaller renewable energy target after a review in 2015 sparked a two-year boom in investment that led to the scheme being filled a year ahead of its 2020 deadline.

Funding commitments from the CEFC, sometimes called Australia’s green bank, jumped from $837m to $2.07bn in 2016-17 and $2.3bn the following year.

Premier Li Keqiang has met with visiting Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Beijing. The leaders agreed to deepen cooperation, especially in the fields of trade, tourism and innovation.

This is Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s first visit to China, since taking office in September last year. Turnbull is here for an annual China-Australia Prime Ministers’ meeting.

His host Premier Li Keqiang held a welcoming ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

During the talks, the leaders praised the strides both countries had made in bilateral relations, and said they wanted to bring the ties to a greater height.

Premier Li complimented Turnbull’s efforts in strengthening trade links with China. Amid the backdrop of a global economic slowdown, Premier Li said closer ties between China and Australia are positive to the region and the whole world.

“Our two countries are both located in the Asia-Pacific Region. We are important cooperative partners. I have heard that your visit to Shanghai is very successful and there was a banquet attended by more than one thousand delegates. This indicates close friendship between China and Australia,” Premier Li said.

The presence of Turnbull in China is enhanced by over one thousand business people --they form Australia’s biggest-ever delegation.

The Australian PM said the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement which took effect in December, is fundamental to Australia’s development, as it removes trade barriers and opens up the markets. Two-way trade between the two sides totaled 150 billion Australian dollars, or $115 billion, in the last financial year.

Turnbull also said Australia is granting a 10-year visa to some Chinese nationals, seeking to boost visits to Down Under, which attracted more than one million Chinese tourists last year.

Premier Li and Turnbull also witnessed the signing of deals covering areas including technology, tourism, industrial parks, and mining.


That possibly should read “...those who, no matter how compelling the evidence, REFUSE to realise...”

Helen from Sydney

Thank you for your knowledge of history and for this post.

OK, Winston Churchill may not have been a perfect man. (I wonder if Les is?) But I'm sure glad that he was there in that seat between 1939 and 1945.

If many of those in authority are reluctant to do their duty by the country now, I hope Michael Smith can "persuade" someone to do so.

Praying for your success on Monday.


Have a bloody good look at all the posts so far in comments section. What is the he common thread? THE PRESERVING OF THE ILLS OF ESTABLISHMENT. Not the 'establishment'itself - the office itself hurts noone - but preserving of the ILLS of such is the problem that profoundly hurts. And in IT world nowadays this is extremely visible and boy it has scared the horses. The 'regular people' see they are not getting a fair go as a result.

The FAKE NEWS media among other complicit elites of systemic abuse are so ignorant, that is why matters such as AWU WRA and CLINTON cup of CHAI don't even make it to the front page of their BRAINS ...


Michelle Two

I see the deals that Churchill had to make in much the same manner that you would see Trump having to make deals with the devils in order to create peace in his homeland the USA..
You know you are dealing with these despots but that is the hand you are dealt much like Michael, Dave and all other legal eagles helping working with our current establishment and getting doors slammed in faces because the people in power fear the truth because of their own secrets and they don't want to upset the apple cart..
In truth the apple cart is in motion and a few rotten apples are starting to show up the whole cart of rotten apples..

Can't imagine how Trump gets through knowing what these souls do to women and children while still having to make deals with them in order to Make America Great Again while they try and cut him down at every turn.. No wonder Churchill was driven to drink can you imagine what stress one must go through emotionally when dealing with narcissists on a daily basis..
All the showers in the world would not clean off the stench and dirty smell of knowing the truth behind the perception of what has to be done behind the scene's to bring these souls to face some sort of justice..

Just because one has to deal with arseholes it doesn't mean you support what they do..

Michelle Two

Sorry forgot the link for this paragraph.. with the date of 24 Oct 2019..
But he said the Marinus Link — a proposed second interconnector cable from Victoria to Tasmania — could attract CEFC funding because it would unlock wind and pumped hydro investment in northwest Tasmania that could be used to help a stretched mainland electricity market.

“That is something we would love to be involved with,” Mr Learmonth said.

Settlement of a new, smaller renewable energy target after a review in 2015 sparked a two-year boom in investment that led to the scheme being filled a year ahead of its 2020 deadline.

Funding commitments from the CEFC, sometimes called Australia’s green bank, jumped from $837m to $2.07bn in 2016-17 and $2.3bn the following year.


Perhaps any people may not know it but Churchill was a decorated and very brave hero during the Boer war. In fact he saved many lives.


Quite the adventurer.



Michael,thank you for all your outstanding efforts to ensure that the rule of law prevails & no one is above the law. Never give up. Best wishes for Monday.

The Commonwealth of Australia does not have an ICAC which would have powers to deal with issues concerning, not only the Federal Parliament/Govt but also publicly-funded statutory authorities/corp. such as the ABC-AustPost-AEC-ACTU & perhaps also replace AAT - a one-stop-shop saving Australia/Australian taxpayers billions$, efficient & transparent etc.

This is another example of another shady handiwork of JEG - The Pell case - the seed was planted when the RC was set up by PM Gillard ending with the Court case in Andrews Labor Vic courts-

Lawyer Vivian Waller a former Slater & Gordon & Maurice Blackburn employee, good friend of Julia Gillard. Waller appeared in the Pell case as the lawyer for the accuser!

Conflict of interest? A close friend & colleague of a PM who sets up a Royal Commission is then involved in the prosecution of one of the people charged as a result of the same Royal Commission - after an ABC female reporter contacts several accusers, writes a book & an ABC 4Corners program BEFORE the Pell court case is held in Victoria's Labor State - the same State(Vic.Lalor) that Julia Gillard was elected to serve in the Federal Parl? Vic Labor that rescued Julia Gillard from S&G & employed her in VicLabor Premier Brumby's office.

Vivian Waller 1990-94 Monash Uni.Politics Lecturer
1994-97 Slater & Gordon Vic, 1997-2006 Maurice Blackburn Vic.

While Ms Waller was employed at Slater & Gordon with Julia Gillard - both involved in establishing EMILY'S List(Aust). Gillard wrote the charter for EMILY'S List similar to American (Hillary Clinton/Democrats) EMILY'S List(USA)
1996 -Vivian Waller was appointed as the Inaugural CEO of EMILY'S List


Here is the Labor-Union PM of Australia,Julia Gillard putting her S&G experience to work - in the corridors of power in Canberra -


When Julia Gillard & her friends travel the world lecturing about Women's Rights etc this is what its all about -


Michael, your efforts in shining a light into what others have ignored is commendable. Your courage & determination is truly amazing.


Labor corruption is a given, but it regularly trumps Coalition cowardice.

Who but the downtrodden still believe in the Rule of Law?

Michelle Two

There was a bit of synchronicity .. thanks spirit I just mentioned in my comment on another post @10:15 about the political elite circles Julia & Bruce Wilson were traveling in and the setting up of Emily's list and the women's quota campaign..

Michelle Two

I wonder if Emily's list also has a trust fund or foundation..

Old Codger

The 'Friends of Gillard' group will make very sure that your efforts will FAIL!

They owe her and the other socialists in the powers that be a HUGE favour, and they will guarantee your failure.

Old Codger

Churchill had no real choice. Taking on Russia over who possessed Poland etc would have meant WW3.

Same with all those Allied POWs 'liberated' by the Russians. They went to Siberia and the gulags.

Rob Simpson


I have followed your efforts to bring Julia Gillard to justice since 2012. I used to listen to you on 4BC in Brisbane on the drive home. I applaud your incredible tenacity. If there's one thing I've learned over my 51 years on this planet, it's that tenacious, tactical, unwavering determination to succeed will always bring a long term satisfying result.

The fact that you are convinced of her guilt is enough for me to be certain you are on the money. No sane, intelligent person would pursue this matter for as long and for as doggedly as you have without being intimately familiar with the finer details.

I have contributed funds before to you Michael and will again. If I am ever privileged enough to meet you one day, I will be honoured to have met someone who truly represents what it means to be an individual of integrity.



Never Say Die.


2 countries invaded Poland in 1939 - Germany and the Soviet Union under their Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The British Empire and France declared war on Hitler and gave Stalin a free pass. In 1939 the Soviets actually occupied more Polish territory than the Nazis.
I already knew what Operation Unthinkable was. It was Churchill's harebrained idea to invade the USSR. Can you imagine what heavy casualties the British would have taken against the battle hardened Red Army ? Churchill supported the policy of Unconditional Surrender which allowed Stalin to advance as far into Europe as he did. The Axis leaders stated they were prepared to have a negotiated peace. By insisting on Unconditional Surrender Roosevelt and Churchill prolonged WW2 by 2 years and caused millions of more casualties on both sides.
Churchill stated that Britain was "fighting for the rights of small nations" and yet he agreed to hand them over to Stalin who installed communist dictatorships. That's what I mean by Churchill's support of communism. He knew full well that would happen and he didn't care. For Churchill to mouth off about an "iron curtain" descending over Europe was blatant hypocrisy because his appeasement of Stalin is what caused this iron curtain to appear.


MT - No doubt, taxpayers & Trade Union Members would be funding the Labor Women's EMILY's List - to install Labor women in public/taxpayer- funded positions of power across Australia.

BTW -JEG is also Chair of BeyondBlue(HQ in Vic-charitable/tax exempt org). Former AWU Vic.leader Paul Howse is a Committee Member of Vic.BeyondBlue.
Annual independent Auditor checks is essential after AWU-WRA.

‘Early Money Is Like Yeast’ = EMILY’s List

“...In the 2010 Federal Election campaign EMILY's List undertook Gender Gap research in six key marginal seats and undertook a targeted campaign incorporating materials along the themes of 'We Can't Trust Tony', 'Let's Make History' and 'Torpedo the Speedo'.[13]

"..Australia's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was a founding member of EMILY's List Australia and assisted to prepare their initial constitution. She presented the Inaugural EMILY's List Oration at Parliament House, Canberra in September 2011.[16] ...”. No doubt - at taxpayers expense with the approval of PM Gillard/Finance Minister Penny Wong.

Emily’s List is pro-abortion.


Shame you don't have this lady in your corner. Devastating big brain, I think she is going to take down some players before she is done with this.

Michael Flynn's attorney makes bombshell claim about FBI



SAM is BACK and she's pissed! The rather entertaining half-sister of ME-GAIN feels latter owes explanation. So she is filling the void ;-)...


Steve J

Churchill handed nothing over to the USSR.
They occupied it.
You say Operation Unthinkable was a stupid idea.
I would agree with you but it was Churchill exploring the possibilities of getting a "square deal for Poland".
If it was a stupid idea in 1945 was it not also a stupid idea in 1939 to declare war on the USSR as well as Germany.
None of that would have helped Poland in any event.
Hitler made one vague offer of negotiation with Britain after the fall of France.
He had some hopes that the coalition would fall apart(towards the end of the war) and he would be saved as Frederick the Great was but giving up anything he held was never on his mind. His attitude was that Germany would continue the fight until 5 minutes past midnight.
The people behind the attempt to overthrow him were prepared to negotiate but only with the Western allies and only on the basis that they got to keep what they had in the East.
Doesn't seem to be much room for Poland there does there?
Churchill late in the war negotiated an agreement with Stalin about spheres of influence. His aim was to keep Greece non communist.
It was nothing more than a defacto recognition of where the power over those territories resided.
When Germany attacked the USSR they were not allies of the British.
They simply found themselves fighting a common enemy.
Germany vastly underestimated the resources of the USSR.
They expected Barbarossa to be over in 6 weeks.
In the period to December '41 they wiped out or captured what they had estimated was the entire strength of the Red army.
They bit off more than they could handle and this was evident well before D day.
It was a fight to the death between Germany and the USSR and it was a fight that Germany was bound to eventually lose irrespective of anything Britain or the US was capable of doing.
In a war of attrition the side with the most resources is always going to win and once Barbarossa failed that was what it became.
As I said no one is perfect and Churchill can certainly be included in that. He interfered constantly with the operation of the general staff and came up with many hare brained ideas but he knew who he had to beat and he never wavered in that aim.
The existential threat to Britain at the time came from Germany not the USSR!


I have never claimed to be perfect and as for Churchill he made a great many mistakes and did many rotten things and I am happy to point them out. You do realise that it's 2019 not 1945 don't you ? WW2 ended 74 years ago ! The propaganda image of Churchill as a strong, popular leader is outdated. He was a severe alcoholic who was frequently drunk during his prime ministership. During some of his radio broadcasts he was so inebriated that an actor had to impersonate him. A prime minister should not behave like that during peacetime let alone during war and a time of national crisis. Even his ally Roosevelt referred to Churchill in his private papers as "that drunken bum". Being in a perpetual drunken stupor is not the sign of a strong leader. As for his "popularity" he was appointed PM by other politicians and was not voted into office in 1940. In 1945 when the British public was allowed to vote in a general election his government was thrown out in a landslide.
Churchill gave the infamous quote "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter". This just shows the utter contempt Churchill had for the democratic process not to mention what a snob and elitist he was.
That is why propaganda movies like Darkest Hour have to be made. They are needed to polish up Churchill's tarnished image.

Michelle Two

Light always wins..
so Peace, truth and love always triumph after the battle of fear is fought it has been the same fear manifestation since creation that has humanity fighting for survival..
In the new energy the light has already won it is when the battle starts for peace...that the exposure begins ..
Hindsight in all of histories pages is a great thing as you have different consciousness levels now then we did back in the 1930/40 period.. we even have more advanced equipment so to say what one should have, could have or would of had done in these souls position is a debate that would never end as you don't know all the circumstances personally they had to make with the hands they were being dealt..
You can read the pages of history from many points of perception but you can't change what did happen because the light is always the winner because that is what was being prayed for by the collective consciousness and it takes more then one man named "Churchill" to win the war.. it took much blood, courage, kindness and compassion to bring the end goal that was peace from the tyranny of a communist/marxist war as it is all the same energy in any century or battle for freedom..

Have you seen all the propaganda on Trump now turn you mind back to what Churchill might of also gone through at he time so you will always have the positive and negative perception from all directions which doesn't change the truth one iota as it was the winner in the end, did humanity learn much apparently not, because we are on the cusp of the same energy rising but it will be a different battle as this one is one that goes on information and a battle over the internet of ideologies, you will still have your despots and warmongers still busting for a fight but it is a battle that can be won by taking away their stream of income so when the battle over the corrupt practices is won and the exposure is upon us then the battle is half over as they can't fool you if you are in the light as you have the wisdom to beat them at their dark games as you are one step ahead of them if you know the enemies intentions..
The spies are being spied on, so it is a battle of the secret services of dark and light so much goes on in the underbelly of society and rises to the surface of those that are being controlled who end up fighting each other.. so in the end both fear based ideologies battle amid themselves for the power while the rest of society get on with creating peaceful outcomes and rebuild after the battle is won or lost as we are all losers when it turns to violence..

Michelle Two

Light forces are closing in, doing them slowly .. in many area's so no wonder they are in panic and calling "Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment" ... lol! and to think they didn't think their own phone calls would be monitored or could be collected through the metadata system..
They were using us for test dummies of social media and thought they were invincible.. or teflon plated as the mob had control of the judicial system and deepstate that was until some turned against them.

Liz of Vic

Are you vying to receive an award from the Lefties?

Liz of Vic

Thanks Steve for putting a few facts in the correct manner.

The war would have never been won by the West had Churchill not done, what he did!


TURC - Julia Gillard swore to 'tell the whole truth & nothing but the truth..". Consequences of not telling the truth? Criminal charge of Perjury? Is Julia Gillard still listed as a Solicitor in Victoria/South Australia - or is she barred from practising law in those States & other States?


Helen from Sydney

Thank you GJohns, and again thanks Steve J.

"This is the blackest day in Australian sport". Remember this? it was Feb 8th, 2013. Was this another another example of the shady handiwork of JEG? Whether it was or was not, it did create a diversion. And according to James Hird's father who appeared on Andrew Bolt's show a couple of days ago, that whole saga "stank". If the whole thing was crook, it would be another case where innocent people were injured.

Nobody should be above the law and Michael's evidence should be tested.

Liz of Vic

She was sacked by Slater & Gordon, when they found out a few things at
the final interview between Peter Gordon and her.

She never acted as a solicitor since then.

To remember that she was our prime minister still makes me ill!

Liz of Vic


Great news from the US.

It would be only just that you get a hearing now, perhaps the slow-coats may have listened a few times to what happened in the US and start thinking: Did it happen here as well?

Really this could not have happened at a better time, - meant to be?

I always knew, that you would never give up, one only has to look at your fore-fathers to know, that you have, what it takes.

Thank you Michael and again I wish you the very best and also some luck!

Take care!

We will all be thinking of you and Dave!

Michelle Two

Not directed at anyone just my 2 cents worth of how energy works and manifests an no amount of different perceptions changes the truth of the peace and rebuilding which was the intended outcome of those that spilled blood on both sides as in the end it was all about politics as they are the commanders in charge of the light and darkforces...

With the darkforces though the battle becomes internal within the ideology so they end up retreating as they don't have the smarts to fight the strategy that the lightforces get because of the innate wisdom of those that have to make the decisions in any leadership position..
So it would have taken much advice from many souls for Churchill or any other leader at the time to make their intentions felt..

So one goes in with and objective so they have an intention to work from then that is when spirit steps in and the intuition that helps you make decisions.. so those whose ideology is hatred are in the dark when it comes to intuition so they are blind to the strategy of the one that has an objective of peace, love and saving humanity for they do call on spirit to guide their decisions especially back in those days when more souls had integrity then they do now because of the conditioning and bringing down of society by the same darkforce and ideology that has us in the current situation where the people are fighting the establishment..
The darkforce or Communist/Marxist ideology is one of hatred so they don't have an objective just hatred for anyone that is not in their elitist groups.. they will always find a divide and conquer line and use any method to keep satisfying that rush for power they get from the ideology of fear as it always needs feeding and satisfaction.. so power is like an adrenaline rush to those in pure ego that have to manipulate everyone around them in order to control the situation that benefits them.. It is always about self so death or a person's life means nothing it is always about control when fear rules the souls personality through the indoctrination and getting the payoff for having power over others.. the darkforce when defeated then retreats back in the darkness and shadows of society until they rebuild which they have done again but it is really a minority of people and lots of blindsided sheeple that support the fear based ideology as they don't really understand it until they are personally affected by it, that is when they start praying and turning against the fear that has touched them as their instinctive freedom and freedom of conscience has been touched so this is their spiritual base of the true soul that says "hey, hold on we didn't ask for this" .. the misunderstanding in communism is that the sheeple believe they are going to be protected from the illusion of society being portrayed in the fear based ideology of divide in order to conquer which is a never ending energy cycle of hatred and always finding an enemy when even your own shadow in the end causes paranoia as you believe everyone is out to get you.. love and light xx


More of JEG's shady handiwork as PM.
Gillard employed a British citizen & UK Labour adviser to Tony Blair, as adviser in PM Gillard's office. John McTernan,former Tony Blair staffer - 2010-2013.

Feb. 2013 - Blackest Day in Sport -


26 Jan 2012 - Australia Day - Aboriginal Tent embassy riot -


seeker of truth

The defiance was shown on her face as soon as she took the stand and started to speak. She truly didn't want to be there.

seeker of truth

Talk about the Labor Party wanting to protect their own.

I came across a website being www.juliagillard.com.au. A search revealed that this domain name was registered by the Australian Labor Party National Secretariat in July 2019.

Registry Domain ID: D407400000001908695-AU
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.auda.org.au
Registrar URL:
Last Modified: 2019-07-22T02:25:25Z
Registrar Name: Synergy Wholesale Pty Ltd
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +61.383999483
Reseller Name:
Status: serverRenewProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#serverRenewProhibited
Registrant Contact ID: HUBE1133
Registrant Contact Name: Ben Hubbard
Tech Contact ID: SMMA1539
Tech Contact Name: Marielle Smith
DNSSEC: unsigned
Registrant ID: ABN 38318251221
Eligibility Type: Company


The Registrant's contact is Ben Hubbard who was Julia Gillard's chief of staff


Now if you do a Google search of www.julia.gillard.com.au, you will find listed at the foot of the page this entry "2019 © Julia Gillard Pty Ltd"

There is a bit of false representation here because a search of ASIC reveals that no such company is registered. What games are the ALP National Secretariat and in particular Ben Hubbard playing at?

[Seeker it may be that Ms Gillard is a protected prominent person with ASIC not revealing details of her private company registration. If that's not so and there is no proprietary limited corporation in that name it's a pretty silly error on her/their part. MPS]

Michelle Two

So Sarah McNoughton and Christian Porter get to decide to exercise their freewill in deciding an outcome for all your hard work and energy spend in putting this all together..
See who they are going to protect the establishment or if they are going to uphold their duty in seeing if we can entrust our judicial system or if the swamp has control of it at the Federal level..
Much work is being done on showing up the corruption at the top levels as you get names and the people to people links in the end so a never ending cycle of the light of truth shining in dark places and unintended consequences for those that exercise fear as then they become caught in the spotlight for being protectors of the establishment..
There will be completion and an end in sight so keep calling on spirit and the light masters to clear the obstacles to complete this soul journey..
I got woken up about 1.30am with one of the kids spewing up again so much noise in the house this is a very challenging time for soul as they have disrupted everyone because of avoiding their own responsibilities .. Such low energy souls shifting their energy is draining on top of the physical work with this situation.. As my karmic energy is cleared it becomes a struggle of living in two realities so two worlds apart where you know the soul plan and mission but still have to be present in the current reality and getting no peace or real time out to process all energies.
Better get some sleep as work in a few hours usually body clock set for 6 am wake up..


Our thoughts will be with you coming Monday Michael.
Never give in, never give up! Thanks for all the hard yakka!
Good luck, don't forget to look over your shoulder..
Best wishes to you all who are helping Michael tell the truth..
Ralph et al..


"He was a severe alcoholic who was frequently drunk during his prime ministership"

And yet those closest to him - his private Secretary, for one, and the Chief of Imperial General Staff - one of Churchill's severest critics - for another - record that they only saw him visibly affected by alcohol ONCE during the Second World War.

As to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, given his personal morals, he was in no position to point the big finger at anyone.

Liz of Vic

I do agree with you, that they want to protect their own, I would love to know how many of these institutions there are, this is their March through all out institutions, and the Libs are so stupid as to leave them all there!

I have often noticed that labour has umpteen of these groups, I believe that they are also very deft in obtaining grants for those type of organisations, all at the expense of the tax-payer, I do not think Gillard and the likes of her pay for much!

Liz of Vic


She has ASIC in her pocket!

Liz of Vic

I am sorry you still have such a troubled life, there will be an end to it, I hope for you, that this will be soon.
I do not particularly like the thought of our future being in the hands of Sarah McNaughton and Christian Porter, I cannot stand either of them, they do not impress me and we have no sign of them being on our side.

seeker of truth

This link has no pay wall


Obviously our security services are finally getting serious about the Chinese Communist Party trying to influence Australian politics.

It will be interesting to read Roger Uren's defence as to his unauthorised removal and retention of classified intelligence information from his place of employment in 2001, especially with his wife's alleged CCP's connections. Uren retired from as intelligence officer in 2001 then went to work for the Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite Television, the world's major broadcaster of international news in Chinese. The station's founder and CEO Liu Changle is a member of China’s top political advisory body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Roger Uren is Vice President at Phoenix which is controlled from Bejing.


In 2016 his wife Sheri Yan pleaded guilty in New York to bribing UN General Assembly President and was jailed for 20 months.


Sheri Yan says she is not a CCP operative.


There is definitely a stink about this.

Michelle Two

I would say it is more like their hands were forced and they are scrambling to save their own bacon in the intelligence services (Deep State) acting to save self and the Marxist ideologue's within the bureaucracy...
I see it like the unions actions as saving themselves and actions taken to keep the files and secrets hidden... acting in self interest and out of fear the darkforce slip up and with the more information that comes out the dots start to join to a bigger picture that is still unfolding because the establishment still has a hold of our government, it is in the action and the hypocrisy but much propaganda and media spin in between as they are the gatekeepers and messengers of the darkforce so when they want to create an illusion to try and create chaos in one area they go after a sacrificial lamb for the cause.. in that process they hide what they have to.. John Ashe died so dead men can't tell secrets apparently but they do leave a trace and legacy behind them.. so the darkforce exposes itself when they act out of fear and delete the souls that hold secrets.. they are control freaks that control information and what passes to the actors in the bigger game..


Is that how you register a blog site (with expenses paid by the Labor Party?) MPS was in Canberra doing his AWU-WRA presentation around the same time. Co-incidence?

Michelle Two

Harry and Meghan shenanigans reminds me of being decoys while the Establishment implodes they are being sent out to draw attention to themselves like there is a unicorn over there, they are creating chaos within their own lives because of what is coming within the Royal Family and their connections .. Uncle Andrew has much dirty laundry being aired at the moment with lots of revelations coming out of Epstein association ..
So the Royal couple are creating a storm in a teacup to draw attention away from other matters in the elite circles ..
Before Meghan wasn't Harry being a bit of a playboy with the elite in crowd...

seeker of truth

I see that Julia Gillard sits on the Boards of two African companies involved in software development and technology. Where is her expertise to be on such Boards? Is she there because of her contacts and what funding she can attract?

As to her website, I wouldn't be surprised if Ben Hubbard is receiving payment from Gillard for administration of her website as part of the Government's funding entitlements to former Prime Ministers. I see no point in the website for the ALP but for Julia Gillard promoting herself. I would say that Ben might be dealing with enquiries in that "Contact" section. That section deals with the following three types of enquiries -

"General, Media, Invitation to Julia Gillard".

There is a website called "www.kevinrudd.com.au" but it is not registered by the ALP. It was registered by a person named Charles William Saunders.

Registry Domain ID: D407400000011208708-AU
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.auda.org.au
Registrar URL:
Last Modified: 2018-10-19T00:55:48Z
Registrar Name: GoDaddy.com LLC trading as GoDaddy.com
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
Reseller Name:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#clientUpdateProhibited
Status: serverRenewProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#serverRenewProhibited
Registrant Contact ID: CR343567111
Registrant Contact Name: Charles Saunders
Tech Contact ID: CR343567112
Tech Contact Name: Charles Saunders
DNSSEC: unsigned
Registrant: Charles Saunders
Registrant ID: ABN 49626509195
Eligibility Type: Sole Trader

The ABN under which Saunders registered was cancelled on 15 May 2019. I don't know if Saunders has a connection to Rudd but the website that he has registered is impressive.


"By insisting on Unconditional Surrender Roosevelt and Churchill prolonged WW2 by 2 years and caused millions of more casualties on both sides.

Roosevelt and Churchill were insisting on unconditional surrender because they had the example of the Treaty of Versailles before them, and they were not particularly interested in an action replay.

Helen from Sydney

Dear Michael, May God go with you tomorrow, as you strike another blow in defence of Western Civilization. Let's pray that the person you are meeting is ready and brave enough to take steps to demonstrate that all are equal before the law.

Michelle Two

Good luck for tomorrow not that you need it for the angels and spirit have your back and the wind at your back so watch for it and keep sending positive energy towards the situation and to the souls you are dealing with.
Soul has this so let go of all worries and stay positive within yourself that you know what you are talking about so keep it straight to the point and give them something to ponder to help them make the right decisions to help move this along..
Nurture yourself and the ones you love was one of the messages I just drew we have Archangel Ariels presence so that is one of nurturing and grounding soul but she also shows up wherever the underworld and darkness appear so she will help clear the energy for you and help things grow from the seeds of intention you planted, that is where the nurturing comes from the Queen card one of grace and beauty so a very feminine energy your find within yourself when you come from a place of pure heart and one of integrity.. so your soul energy will rise in vibration if you respect your soul enough and those you love by treating them kindly and compassionately so letting the feminine energy rise within by respecting and listening to your soul and tending to those needs.. those needs are pretty simple in nature and helps you to return to joy by feeding that inner child and resting, playing and taking time out to clear the mind and getting your inner guidance at each step..
The "Seven of Ariel" was the next message a call to be patient for the seeds have been planted so you need to wait, reflect on how far you have come while you wait for the next results to come in then plan the next step after that so it could be to do with anything in life and what it is you are manifesting and calling for as divine timing is essential as it all works on synchronicity and freewill of others making the right choices for all involved as their actions will turn up their intentions so you work from that point forward after you know more.. So release expectations and flow with all results after playing your part as the rest is out of your control so never feel guilt or shame if things don't turn out how you want to as more information will come forward after each step is taken.. So slow down and flow with the synchronicity of the divine nature of soul and manifest those situations that will help you as well as others involved..
The final message was one from Archangel Michael telling you to let go of all fears for everything is in divine order and to have faith in what will pan out as you are helping to direct it with your intentions.. so everything will fall into the right places when you can then work out the next step going on the truths now being brought forward.. love and light xx

I am feeling a bit weary now hopefully the kids are back on track now, we had to send them out to go and get some proper food for the little ones they eat so much crap so told them to help with the tummy bugs they need fruit and proper food..
Still crappy energy here though to slog through until they move out.. here is a song to help bring soul up as you "Rewrite the Stars".. release everything that is out of your control be at peace with all that you do for humanity.. be proud of how far you have come.. and look for the light in all situations it's time to fly.. love always xx

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Release any worries you have it feels like the energy is building up within, so just play thinks by ear and don't overthink but let your intuition and innate do the talking so release the fears surrounding the outcome of the current situations and meetings and meet each challenge as it comes as you don't need to get ahead of yourself without knowing the true information and intentions of the souls involved .. so relax and let the energy work for you, so stay positive and have a vision for the best outcome and accept what comes forward and work on the next step when you know what that is..

The messages this morning are "Improving Health" so release any worries about your health and instruct your soul to heal so focus on good health, wealth and well being and direct your soul to what it is you have to look forward to in life when you have no health issues, so see where you want to go and what you have yet to complete while calling on your soul to do the healing from the inside to what ever part of your body is calling out for healing as emotional issues are always surrounding health issues so it is a build up of worry and you not releasing or letting the energy go that will follow when you are healed..
"Not the Right Time" has also come out so hold things off as the energy may not be ready within you or the synchronicity with others is not right, if you find yourself procrastinating it is for a reason you have some fear to beat and more understanding of self to work on.. So the self awareness and knowledge of why you are going through a certain experience helps your soul to heal and know why you are going through the challenges most of the challenges our souls create are to help us grow and evolve and to release karmic energy that no longer serves our souls as we have grown past the need to keep creating old patterns, but our souls are pushing us through our experiences to lay the foundation for new experiences in following incarnations ..
So letting go of the past, healing and moving on to greener pastures because of our self awareness that there is more to life then any human indoctrination tells us, so time to let the old teachings go as we are in new territory as we lay down the foundation of a new beginning so any health issues have to do with karmic energy that no longer serves so old wounds surfacing in order for your soul to heal and be open to new belief systems .. so paving the way for the souls that follow and knowing how to heal themselves with the manifestations of using energy of soul as intended by the creator.. and letting go of the past in order to heal deeply and seeing the new way forward because soul has the plan you are navigating through the divine love connection of all that is.. love and light xx

So relax everything will work out how it is supposed to and how you direct soul and other souls that you come into contact with, so using your esoteric knowing you can manifest the right results and plant the seeds of knowledge that grow within others to do the right thing for humanity..
Have a good day I better get myself into work .. love always xx

Keep going xx

Michelle Two

Before I left for work I drew 2 messages for FB they were "Big Happy Changes" and "Success".
So hope that good news comes out of your current meetings I was calling
on the light masters before your meeting to clear all the energy surrounding you and the souls you are working with. Stay positive as the right results will manifest to bring us more understanding of the current situation and where the darkforce still has control ..love and light xx

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